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Dear Family, I'm Giulia, I'm 22 years old and I'm italian. I have one older brother and his name is Marco. As all sibilings we sometimes argue but it does not change a fact that I love him very much. I am quite stubborn but when I bond myself with persons I become very sweet. I'm honest person and I like it in the others. Another trait of my character is determination. I put lot of effort to reach my objectivies. I finished University on 12th november, 2013 in radiology technican (3 years of medicene and surgery) and now I have no job. It's a long time that I want to try an experience outside of Italy especially for learning english, that I know very little. While talking with my friends I have known the progect of aupair and I decided to do it beacause I think that this is a great way for learn english and at the same time be accepted by family and stay with children. I'm motivated to do this experience because I think it will be useful as a life experience. I love the children and I had different experience with them. My experience with them started when I was 14 years old in a church group. We were preparing the games and activities for them, we played with them, we were preparing the prays to do with them and the snack break for them. My experience with this group continued for 4 years, but finished for choerence because I have moved away from religion and it does not seemed right to teach the thing I did not believe in. But I was very sorry to leave this group because, I loved staying with them. When I was 16 years old I departed to Sardinia for 1 month to work as enterteiner in touristic resort and be responsible for miniclub (children aged 6 to 12 years old). Me with other enterteiners were preparing games for them, we prepared a snack break, we organized evening shows, we were taking them to the beach and each evening before the show starts we were making a babydance with them. A year later, after the wonderful experience of last year, I decided to depart again for Sardinia but for a longer period (3 months). This time my work was fitness trainer and responsible of junior club( 12-18 years old). Also this was a fantastic experience for me! I was always with boys and girls , I organized the activities during the day, was eating with them and I had fun with them. In addition, I with other entertainers we were preparing the evening shows for turists. After this experience I stoped with children because I started University and I was concentrated only this. Recently, when I finished my studies, I start to look after a baby that now is 7 months old. He is a big joy for me! He always laughs. I am preparing for him a milk, changing the diapers, putting him to sleep and playing with him. Besides the love for children I love making sports ( I like swimming, jogging,

hiking, sailing, canoying, climbing, etc.), I really like to spend my free time outside (mountain and sea). It's a part of my life. I like to do a new experience and for this I adapt easly at the new situations. Hope to meet you soon and share a piece of my life with you. Best regards, Giulia