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Dear Host family, My name is EsthelaJankarla Gomez Herrera. I’m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Cochabamba - Bolivia. I am studying Applied Linguistics to the Language Teaching at the University of “Mayor de San Simón”, so I developed my taste for languages and cultures. People who know me describe me as a loyal, loving, reliable, responsible independent, creative, easygoing and self-confident. In my free time I like to play basketball with my sisters, brother, cousins and friends, also I like to go shopping, spend time with my boyfriend or just with my friends. I love to spend time watching Korean dramas because they are very romantic and funny, especially they give me good messages. I have two sisters; Sandra and Stefany and one brother Luis, I'm the oldest of them. My parents have been working outside the country for six years so, I take care of my home and siblings. In spite of the distance we are a very close family as my mother taught us the values that keep us together like: unity, love, respect and understanding. My first experience was babysitting my younger brother Luis, he was onmy charge at the age of 9. Later, I started working as a babysitter part time. My first job was taking care of Miguel, he was 6 years old when I started to took care him, he was a very disturbed, wicked and witty child, but with patience and dedication I could made him calm and I could keep him busy helping with his homework and teaching new games; that he liked a lot. He liked to play monopoly, it was his favorite game! He loved ice cream so, on Saturdays we used to go for a walk and eat some ice cream. My second experience is with Tiago (1 year old). I currently take care of him. He is a super little calm baby, only when he is with his mother he became a little moody because he is the only son. He likes to play a lot with balloons and

watch his favorite show “HI FIVE” and TOY STORY. Tiago likes to hide himself and when I find him he laugh too much and he run away to hide again from me. On Sundays, I give him gelatin his favorite dessert, and we always go to the park that is close to home and the others and he likes to swing and slide. My third experience is with Gael, he was 3 months when I started to take care of him, he was a beautiful and calm baby. He enjoyed when I made funny faces to make him smile, also he liked to play with his rubber toys at bath time, and he enjoyed a lot watching POCOYO program. I prepared compote and his milk bottle. First I had to bath him and then fed him after that, he took a nap. I am applying to the AU PAIR program because I want to live the experience of being abroad; I want to be part of a new family taking care of my little American siblings, know their culture, learn and improve the English language at the same time. Also want to know new people and the most known touristic places of that beautiful country, but personally mature, and the most important enjoy my time sharing experiences with my little host siblings. Greetings and best wishes for you dear host family, you won’t regret of choosing me as your future Au Pair because I have much love, play time, patience, care and responsibility to offer to your children. I look forward to hearing from you! God bless you forever.

Yours, Esthela Jankarla Gomez Herrera


My dad and my siblings

My mom, I miss her a lot. My boyfriend and I, he supports me to become an Au Pair in U.S.A.


Miki was doing his homework

Miki and I were playing after doing his homework

I was getting ready Miki before going to the school


Tiaguito is a kisser, I love this picture.

Tiaguito was eating popcorn. We were watching ¨Toy story¨ his favorite movie!


Gael was tired, we were playing a lot

At this photo Gael is drinking peach juice, it’s his favorite fruit juice.

Gael is really happy here, I Iove his smile.


They are my friends ¨the beauty´s¨

This is Jasper my beautiful cat.