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Dear future host family: I am trying to find the right words to express myself after several times of writing and not getting convinced of the final result; but in few words, I have to tell you that I’m pretty glad of having the opportunity to meet you and somehow be part of your beloved family. Universe is physically so big, giant, huge that it seems that suddenly gets too tiny when you have the chance to meet people from other countries or even continents, so small for all the energies, vibes and love that can be spread all around. Distances are very long but I really hope to be next to you so soon in order to share many stories that I am sure I will be so lucky to listen from you and also you will like to know about me. I haven’t said much about me, no more than the personal information I already fulfilled for the process, so, I want to take advantage of this very first way to get to know each other a bit more, to give you some other little details about me.

I don’t like my first name, actually no one calls me that way, everyone is already used to call me Katherinne, or just Kathe. I am a sensitive girl who likes art in many ways of expression: music, literature, plays and movies. I enjoy very much to be with myself, to find out new things just by being curious. I feel good also to be surrounded by people, I am not extrovert instead that I am introvert but very spontaneous, so it is not weird to see me enjoying talking to someone for first time and suddenly laughing out loud. Shame is not a word in my dictionary. I don’t like night clubs and everything that represents huge amounts of people drinking and getting crazy and annoying, instead that I prefer small reunions at home, with good food, a good movie and more than that, the right people around me. I love traveling and discovering new places and new ways of life as well. My first trip abroad was to US but I was very young, so I would say that my first trip abroad, older, and alone was to Mexico, 2 years back. It was so cool to be away from home, being absolutely independent and explore every time more and more. But there’s no challenge as overpowered in my 23 years old of life as my whole year in India. India is the chapter of my life that taught me a lot about myself. Besides knowing new places, people, contrasts, environments, lifestyles, religions, sports, etc. I started to feel curious about who I really am, to accept myself no matter what, to stop complaining about my decisions in life. Since that moment I reached and left India I haven’t stopped encouraging myself to do what I really think I have to do to persuade my dreams

That’s why in this moment, I am writing this to you. Because I am really motivated and encouraged to go to your lovely space and be part (if you accept me) of your warm and nice family. I have been around children almost all my life, my brother was born when I was 11 years old and it seems that since that day he was born, I got stuck in time, because I feel that I am still that 11 year old girl. I have grown physically, my voice is louder, my bad hair days are increasing and my face is not full of acne as before. But I am still that 11 year old girl every time I am with my brother or surrounded by kids which it’s pretty funny because every one notices it. I play, I run, I watch all Disney Movies in a whole marathon I even can do all the dialogues from Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Lion King and Lilo and Stitch (my favorite Disney movies), I can sing to you all the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory songs, doing the ompa lompa dance. THAT’S ME, a girl that somehow is stuck in the past, but that likes to face all kinds of challenges and who is very responsible of herself at the same time. A little brave girl. I have been English teacher for children, for teenagers, for young adults, for adults. I have left home for a year to go to another whole different world to start living another dream, to work as a translator in an international and very popular consultancy company. I have packed all my clothes to go from south, north, east and west of India in train. I have packed more clothes to go to Nepal a place where the earthquake consequences are still there. I have had to be strong enough to wait for a bus in India and see in my left side kids with hanger, with no clothes, with no opportunities and in my right side a rich man in his very last model car. I have been brave enough not to eat beef for a year, holy cow!!! I have been weak enough to cry, cry and cry because I feel sometimes my sensitiveness is too much and I just can’t keep rolling in this world full of non-humanity situations. But I am conscious enough to keep stating that I do want to knock on your door and give you some gifts from my life to you Now, I can say I have talked enough about me. That the only thing left to say is that you’ve got a friend in me. That I will be super lucky to be surrounded by you and your kids. That my experience with children and my personality match a lot so your children can find a big sister in me that they can play, run, watch a whole Disney Marathon, go to school while singing Disney songs, do their homework through dynamics also with me. I also will be blessed to have them in my life. For sure I will learn a loooot from you this year. Tons of love and good energy from Colombia


This first picture is very special for me, there you can see my Smart Kids English Institute students (2014 – first months of 2015) enjoying activities such as summer camp, our English lessons, break times moments, and happiness  

This collage brings me plenty of memories, this was in 2014, here I am with my students of Liceo Semillas del Saber Kindergarten, doing dynamics, and sharing good times.


This collage, has very special children for me, they are not my students but kids who impacted my life. In the biggest picture you can see my brother and me in a Halloween Party I was dressed as Pebbles Flintstone and he as Dracula. The first picture in the right side is Revathy a 5 years old little girl I met in India, she lived very near from my flat. You can see my cousins in the middle picture and in the last picture you can see 2 nepalese brothers I met during my trip, they were so special with me and also their mom. I will never forget them.


These are very current pictures where I am at Smart Kids Institute with my students, teaching, playing with plasticine and having great times not only in the classroom but at break time.

And the last one but not less important, this is a collage of very important moments in the past 3 years. There you can see my family (my brother was a bit stressed because he wanted to open his Christmas gifts that night), some pictures of my trip to India, Nepal and Mexico and a group selfie with my Colombian and Mexican friends, we attended an Indian wedding of a co-worker in Chennai, India. It was a very interesting experience.