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Elena Here I was with my friends Sofia, Miriam and Mariam during a visit by boat in Central Park (NYC). I love traveling, going out with friends and staying outdoors during sunny days.

I took this photo last year at the beach with Maria (5 years) and Alessandro (7 years) two siblings which I was responsible . They liked very much listening to music, playing ball and I was teaching them to swim.

Here's the child that I am caring from this summer! He is Pau, and is an adorable baby of 15 months of Spanish origin. I spend a lot of time with him, and I talk to him in Spanish, Italian and English.


This photo depicts a very funny moment: She is Irene (10 years) and is one of the little girls that I was responsible during Scout's activities.

I am a very active girl... in addition to babysitting and student I am also a waitress in a restaurant! Here I am with my colleagues!

Beatrice (3 years) and Gabriele (11 months) are two siblings who I took care for this winter. She loved being dressed and coiffed like a princess, he liked playing with Legos with me.

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