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Dear Host Family, My full name is Ervisa Cipi and I’m 25 years old. Until the age of ten years I lived in Albania but in 1999 my parents decided to emigrate in Greece and since then we all live in Athens. Right now I live with my parents and my little brother. I graduated from university of Piraeus and I have bachelor degree in economics. As student I did a variety of jobs such as secretary, seller and babysitter. My first babysitter experience was for three months as part time job. I took care of the 3 years old girl named Laura. We usually played inside home with her toys or in a park nearby. I have also helped with feeding and dressing the little Laura. My second babysitter experience was from last September until today as full time job. I am taking care the youngest child of the family. Her name is Rafaela and she is almost 19 months . My daily duties are feeding, changing the diaper, putting her to bed, preparing food , dressing and playing together with toys. My family consists of me, my mother Neta, my father Afrim and my younger brother Eduart. My father works as painter ,my mother as maid and my brother as hairdresser. In my free time I like hanging out with my friends, reading books , surfing the net and sometimes playing volleyball. When I was younger I also liked painting. Some features that characterize me are sensitivity, politeness and helpfulness. Being an au pair is not only a life experience but also a challenge which I have to deal with it. Moreover, this is chance to come in contact for the first time with such a different culture which will help me to become more open-minded, more independent and flexible. There is no better way to discover this new country and its people and culture through working and living with children. To succeed someone as an au pair first of all needs to love and care children like your own and also to accept and adapt the new changes might happen. After all, if you think that I fit with in your family or you would like to know further details about me , please contact me. I hope to hear from you soon! Yours Ervisa Cipi

At the pa rk wi th L a ura : )

At the park with Laura ď Š

P l a y i ng w i th L a ura a t home ď Š

Playing with Laura at home ď Š

Feeding Rafaelaď Š

Playing with Rafaela ď Š

Feeding Laura and having fun ď Š