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Dear Host Family, Hi! My name is Andrea but they call me Andy. I live in Río Ceballos, Córdoba with my mum Marcela, my dad Mario, my eldest sister Paula, my brother Alejandro and my youngest sister Antonella. My dad has a dog as a pet, her name is Tora. My sister Anto has also a dog called Cuqui and my brother’s dog is Rocko. I love pets but as was studing and working I didn’t have enough time to take care of one. I have a very nice relationship with my mum, and she helps me with everything. She is a hard worker woman and a great person. My dad is very intelligent and he also helps me with everything. He makes crafts for my students. He’s really nice. Regarding to my sibilings, I have a good relationship with them, although, we sometimes have some differences. I always treat them with respect. Paula and Ale are busy all day long because they both work. Antonella, the youngest, is most of the time at home, and she is always giving me affection and happiness when I come back home from work. My parents always take care of me and they and wait for me to have dinner together. During the week, I work in a kindergarten, I’m a kindergarten teacher, and twice a week I go to rollerskate classes. At weekends I usually stay at home, enjoying my house and my family. But I sometimes go to visit different places in my town by car, with my best friend. In cloudy and cold Sundays me, my dad and Antonella cook homemade spaghetti and we gather at home with my cousins, uncles and aunts. We like and enjoy celebrating special dates at home with the whole family, such as mother’s or father’s day, Christmas or New Year. I finished my secondary studies in 2008. In 2009 I started an English course and In 2010 I started my studies to become a kindergarten teacher. During my studies, I’ve realized that I love children. I finished the career on December, 1st 2016. I’ve been working with babies since then. Next May, I’ll be given the degree. Being a “kindergarten teacher” makes me happy. During my studies I’ve also done different courses and training on children’s education and how to set boundaries. In my free time, I love rollerskating, it makes me feel unstressed. I also like to ride my bike. I sometimes go to work by bike. I like to go to the cinema to watch romantic movies or watch them at home. I also like to make some crafts, paint wood to make puzzles or pictures. I love going around our mountains and enjoy the landscape or going downtown for shopping. I enjoy very much to write, although I haven’t done it for a long time. My experience with children is the most amazing thing. I can tell you about myself because I always learn from them and I also have fun.

I’ve started in 2013 working in a “Children Center called San Francisco” with 2 and 3 years old kids. At first, I was a bit scared because it was something new for me, but in that place. I learn a lot. I learnt how to communicate with others, to make full plans with pedagogical activities, to talk in parents meetings, to make students records, to control healthy food, change diapers, help kids to control sphincters. I’ve also learnt how to react in emergency and detect virtues and difficulties of each child. I’ve worked there for 3 years. The last year of being there, I had the possibility to be with 3 and 4 year old kids, I´ve learn new things and I’ve enjoyed the love kids gave me. In 2016, I’ve started working in “María Elena Walsh, school” where I was in charge of 2 years old kids. It was another great experience that made me learn a lot. In July I had to leave that place because of timetable problems and in August I started to work in another place; “Centro Infantil Arturo Illia” a new experience with babies from 45 days to 1 year old. At the momento, I’m still working there, feeding them, changing diapers, teaching them how to walk and making stimulation activities. It was and still is a wonderful experience for me, because enjoy very much to see them grow, In October I also started to work in the “Piedra Libre” with 1 and 2 years old children. Working with little kids, toddlers and babies is the best thing I have ever experienced. During 2015 and 2016 I tought a 7 year old girl and helped her with school, and homework. I’ve learnt to be patient and taught her school subjects. At home, I help with the housework such as clean the house, tide my bedroom, wash the clothes, I sometimes wash the dishes but I almost never cook. I’m not good at it. I also help my dad to cut the grass and collect nuts, grapes, plums and apricots from our trees. Last but not least, I want to tell you that I’d like to be an Au Pair because I dream about your culture, visit your beautiful landscapes and cities and improve my English. Go out from my confort zone but most of all to enjoy what I most love: spend my time with kids. I’d like to live this wonderful experience that will help me develop myself personally and professionally. I’m looking forward to meet you soon! See you! Andy

Hello Host Family!!

Mi name is Andrea and I am 26 years old. I am live in Argentina and I want you to know a little of my life.

This is my family: Fhater: Mario, Mother: Marcela, Sisters: Antonella,and Paula, Brother: Alejandro

They are my parents: Mario and Marcela I love very much!

My best friends: Mishqui and Gustavo

They are my friends:

I love being with them!!

These are the children I care for Centro Infantil San Francisco 2013

Centro Infantil San Francisco 2014/2015

3, 4 years age

2, 3 years age

School MarĂ­a Elena Walsh 2016

Benja Aye Felix (1 and 2 years age)

Benja (1 years age)

Flor (5 years age)

Benja Aye Felix

Centro Infantil Arturo Illia 2016 (45 days to 1 years age)

Kindergarten Piedra Libre 2016

Thank you for watching my profile. I hope to meet you soon! With all my love, Andy

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