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Dear Host Family, Hello. My name is Aiko Tamiya, from Japan. Let me introduce myself. I am going to be 27 years old this year and I live in Kanagawa prefecture, which is next to Tokyo. I live with my mother, younger brother and a dog, dachshund. I have an elder sister who has married and living with her husband and two sons. She lives near our house, so we visit them sometimes on weekend. I am working as a baby-sitter for my friend who lives nearby. She has just gave a birth to the second son on the 31st of March. She is having childcare leave at the moment. I go her house 5 days a week and help her. When her first son was born, I also went to her house as a baby-sitter. I am enjoying every day spending time with her sons. Her elder son is very active. I have to run almost every day to catch him. Although it is good exercise for me to keep down my weight gain. On weekends, I like to go out. I would rather moving my body than staying inside. When I go out, I bring my camera with me and take some photographs of beautiful things such as flowers of seasons, sky, greens, and people. They make me feel comfortable and happy. I also like driving, since I got the driving license this January. I rent a car and drive to see my friends who live far away from my house. I am so happy to see them frequently because we couldn't see each other so often before. I go out with my mother sometimes as well. She likes to see the sea, so we go to the beach when we both have holiday. I love staying with my family. However, I decided to participate an Au Pair program because I would like to work at an international nursery school in the future. When I was working at a nursery school, I felt comfortable and enjoyed staying with children every day. So, I decided to continue working as a childcare worker for my lifetime. I also enjoy speaking with foreigners who have some different way of thinking from Japanese. Having conversation with them gives me stimulus and some ideas. I would like to learn more from people who live in different countries. For the purpose, I have to learn English at first. So, I decided to go to America as an Au Pair. I will work hard and try hard to be a good au pair and friends of your children. When I would become an au pair, I would like to play a lot with children. I like to go outside, playing tag, hide-and-seeks, with balls and playground equipments. I hope there are some parks around your house. I also like reading books and making toys.

When I was working as a nursery teacher, I often made dolls with papers and played house. I like the Lego blocks also. I make cars and houses by blocks with my friend's son. It is fun to make toys yourself and play with them. I think that using handmade toys helps children to find how you can change things around and how much important they are. I am looking forward to going to America and having second family. I am sure I will enjoy and have a worthwhile life with you. Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Aiko

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