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Call Carlita for a complimentary phone consultation about your child’s reading and school work. 808-419-8559 Office in Makawao

Learning Specialist Carlita Tohtz has been changing lives for over 20 yrs. Get your child the support he needs to gain skill and confidence! Carlita Tohtz has worked with thousands of students of all ages in her career as a reading specialist. She is deeply trained in assessment and reading intervention and is known for creating gains in reading levels while building confidence and making learning fun. Her current offerings include Reading, Writing, Homework Assistance and Study Skills. Her clients include the middle school student reading years below grade level to the young, emergent reader to the high

Carlita Tohtz, M.Ed.

school sophomore tackling elaborate writing projects and everything in between. Ms. Tohtz offers sessions for pairs and small groups, making this exceptionally high quality tutoring very affordable. Most students only need to attend sessions once each week. All sessions go deep into the learning process, so that even if a student is coming in for help with a weekly written report, he will receive deep instruction on the writing process that will last long after his tutoring ends. The reading assessment includes a detailed parent report as well as a teacher’s report. These assessments can pinpoint the issues behind a student’s struggles with their work at school and

provide the basis for each student’s instructional plan.

Call today for a complimentary phone consultation before all remaining time slots are filled! 808-419-8559

Fees: Reading Assessment 1:1 Session 1:2 Session 1:3 Session

$200 $55 $45 $35

Ms. Tohtz is a certified reading specialist whose career began in a bilingual, inner city middle school and has included training teachers in best reading practices as well as curricula design. Recently Ms. Tohtz owned a tutoring company that contracted with the state of Hawaii to impact student reading performance on 5 islands. She currently serves upcountry Maui with a small, handcrafted private practice.

Professional Upcountry Tutor Available --Maui  

Professional Upcountry Maui Tutor available for assessment and instruction in reading and writing, k-12.