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==== ==== The First And Only Tool For Branding Your Personal Facebook Timeline ==== ====

Did you spend your weekend investigating the new Facebook feature, Timeline? After my first look, which lasted fifteen minutes, I shut it down not giving it much thought. That did not last very long. Ideas kept coming to mind about ways to use Facebook Timeline. The thing is, not many of those ideas involved me personally. For Personal Use Life is hard enough, even for those somewhat blessed, to be reminded of the girlfriends or boyfriends who jilted you. It could down right discouraging remembering the opportunity you had to purchase Apple or Google stock at fifteen dollars a share. I wonder how individuals will really use the Facebook Timeline. Will they continue after some random moments they enter daily come back to haunt them in the future? I tried, hard, to dismiss in my mind the use of Facebook Timeline for personal use. Unfortunately, my mind kept wandering back into the most dangerous arena of the past, personal relationships. What if you wife, now your ex-wife, had keep a Timeline on your wayward behavior, the type that resulted in her being your ex-wife instead of your beloved wife. Which resulted in a continually lower bank balance in your account? Nope, more and more I am convinced this Facebook timeline is the cats meow, but not for me personally. For Other Uses What continually returns to mind is non-personal ways to use Facebook Timeline. I thought of project management tracking and history keeping. Then I remembered an old Army friend who is now the historian for a famous US Army Airborne Brigade. For tinkerers and inventors the Facebook Timeline could be the difference between proving that invention was their idea first and getting the patent, or not. Actually, the possibilities are endless. Exactly the thing that may stop it from being a go for people personally, the possibilities, will be the thing that makes it take off for many non-personal uses. Think about it, I bet anyone of you can think of at least a half dozen uses for Facebook Timeline that are not about you, personally. For Brands Later the same day, I noticed an old tube of toothpaste in a cabinet. Despite the fact that, for various reasons, this toothpaste has changed names twice over the years, I still seek it out because its history interests me. Then the realization of what Facebook Timeline should be used for really hit me. Brands are the users of Facebook Timeline in the future. Tracing and tracking the history of a brand and its development over the years will be like one giant, forever running advertisement. That is if the owners of those Brands are smart enough to put Facebook Timeline

to such use. Facebook Timeline may just be a fancy scrapbook for individual users but for Brands, it could be a golden path to the future. It seems that Timeline will be available for brands in the future, but the they did not announce anything explicitly yet. If available, it will be another alternative for business to configure their Facebook presence.

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==== ==== The First And Only Tool For Branding Your Personal Facebook Timeline ==== ====

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