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from students to students

from students to students

2010 term 1, 2nd edition

the Mid-term Madness issue!!

In This Source... Upcoming Events; MBS-AGSM Cup Preview; Class Reps; Club Events; Alumni Directory; More Exchange Stories; Term 3 Club Expenses...


the SOURCE March 2010

from students to students

Note From the Editor End of Week 5....

partners and trying to have a vaguely funnier than a few things, such as the SRC normal social life.

accounts detailed at the back of this

This is life as normal at MBS. newsletter. Or maybe not! FSA anyone? If you are a seasoned campaigner at However, as we all know sometimes things MBS, then you know what it’s all about... start to get a little frayed around the On another note, the “Who Is...?” With any luck you will have been edges. Here are a few warning signs for competition is taking a hiatus from this putting in an extra hour or so each week to those who are new to the game.... issue. There were some contractual issues make sure you are not only up-to-date with with one of the subjects of this week’s all your readings, but you will have all your • You are on a first-name basis with the notes arranged, colour-coded and tagged cleaners who come through the with post-its ready to go for the Midterms! syndicate rooms at the end of each day; Syndicate assignments are being completed • You find yourself “mixing with the crowd” without a hitch (thank you WOM) and if you in the nightly 7:30pm crush just to get a are lucky, someone will be designated coffee & “baked goods” provider at each meeting. • This can be a busy time of year for many students at school - Job-hunting is in

competition so we had to go back to the drawing board. The newsletter did receive a submission (via mobile) from someone simply called “The Fev”(?) but after a brief

deliberation the team decided that it was sandwich, even though you didn’t have a too low-brow for this publication. It’s a scheduled class that night; shame that some of the more widely-read WNDC is the highlight of your weekly tabloids don’t follow suit. Winners of the social calendar, but you still can’t seem last competition will be announced in the

to make it there; full swing for those in their final term while • Caffeine consumption (in whatever form) the 1st years seek out those elusive has hit an all-time high; internship opportunities. • You read the SouRCe and you think that Part-timers enrolled in electives will some of this stuff is actually amusing. be wondering what on earth full-time MBA

next issue, once we resolve some niggling technical issues with the SouRCe email account. Apologies to all entrants. Ed.

students do all day, while full-timers will be OK. This editor is happy to admit that this PS. If anyone happens to know the exasperated at the inability of their part- note possibly isn’t the funniest thing you password for the SouRCe email account, time colleagues to schedule a 4hr syndicate have read this week - but it has to be please email us at ... meeting around a 50-hr+ a week job, kids,

Talk to the Source The SRC wants to hear your opinion in order to make the best use of this communication channel. Tell us how you like the format, how did you like the content, what articles would you like read in future issues, or other comment and suggestion you may have!


the SOURCE from students to students

Upcoming Events at MBS MBS-AGSM Cup The Claws are Out!!!

Term 1 2010 brings us the annual AGSM/ MBS cup which includes a weekend of events here in Melbourne including a debate, sports events and a drink or two! This year the event falls on March 26-28, the weekend of End of Midterms AND the Melbourne Grand Prix. I've been designing the weekend to complement both (aka it's gonna be a BIG PARTY all weekend long oh yeah). This cup is officially YOUR CUP- the cup for the 2011 graduating class - so I'd really like to get as many of you involved as possible in whatever capacity, whether as part of the planning team or as competitors representing MBS. A list of the roles that need to be filled is listed below. It will require a few hours of your own time set aside to meet together as the planning team at least twice before the event. Even if you do not get involved with cup events as competitors everybody is invited to attend the events and you will get a chance to connect with AGSM during the End of Midterms Party. Please see for the tentative schedule, contact names and available roles below. I also would really appreciate a few people to help me out with some of the stuff that I need to take care of during the weekend. It would take up very little time as they are minor things (but things that I would very much appreciate a hand with) ie.

Accommodation, welcome letters, setting up breakfast for agsmers etc. Facebook group: AGSM/MBS cup 2010! Melbourne T1 2010 Schedule: Friday 26 March 5 pm Meet and greet in courtyard, snacks, drinks. 6-7:30pm Debate 8:30- Friday night party – location TBA Saturday 27 March 9:30-11:30 am Basketball 11:45-12:15 pm Lunch on the soccer field 12:30 Soccer 4-6 Pre party on St.Kilda Seabaths rooftop *$10/pp limited spaces available 8 - ? MId-term Drinks @ BLVD, Southbank Sunday 28 March 2:45 pm Meet @ MBS to head down to Grand Prix for festivities 4 - ?? Grand Prix and Close out ROLES: SPORTS DAY: Basketball: Please contact if you are interested in playing. Soccer: Please contact if you are interested in playing. DEBATE:Please email Ryan ( if you are interested in participating. (however, everybody is invited to attend it should be a good show!!!!) PARTY:DJContact for special requests. POKER: If you are interested in playing poker please contact

GRAND PRIX: Hold off on purchasing tickets as we are looking into getting a cheaper group price email to reserve your spot or for more info. Pre-Part Sign up, Offers of assistance & General Info:

Mid-Term Drinks A reminder that the Mid-Term Drinks will be held on the Saturday night of the MBSAGSM/Grand Prix weekend at BLVD down at Southbank. While the drinks may get lost in the hoopla surrounding one of these events, it should be easy to negotiate the crowds and to priortise it ahead of the other (admittedly second-rate) event. I mean what could be more exciting than watching a bunch of overrated sports stars go around in circles?! Yes, I am talking about the AGSM basketball team...

MBS Ball The MBS Ball will be held on Saturday, April 24. After the outrageous success that was the 2009 Ball, Nadia has us waiting breathlessly for the theme of the event to be announced. “Your Favourite Economist” perhaps? J.M. Keynes anyone? More details will be forthcoming. Watch this space... Date: Saturday 24th of April 2010 Venue: Etihad Stadium Dress: Semi Formal Tickets: $110 (this includes: 3 course meal, drinks, entertainment and much more) Tickets will be sold in tables of 10. Tickets go on sale at the end of the month.


the SOURCE from students to students

Introducing... Your Class Reps!! Class Representatives In order to improve the level and quality of communication between the SRC and the students, the SRC has introduced the class representative role. The class representatives will be independent of the SRC and will be able to vote for the SRC executive at CASC meetings. The class representatives will also work with the program managers under the school's new Academic Program. The SRC aims to have a class representative for each intake and delivery mode in their first year. That means that there will be six positions covering January full-time, part-time and weekend modes, May part-time mode and September fulltime and part-time modes. Beyond the first year it will be difficult to keep track of classes for the different modes so there will only be three class representative positions covering the full-time, part-time and weekend modes. We need class representatives for May 2009 part-time mode and January 2010 weekend mode. For more information on the class representative role, please contact James ( or read the description here.

Murray is a part-time weekend mode student who commenced in January 2009. He is part of the original intake for the weekend mode and is intending to complete his executive MBA at the end of Semester 2. The 2009 weekend mode cohort was a great group. The weekend mode introduced a choice that has appealed to a range of people, and we have been working to communicate suggested improvements to the School to deliver on expectations set for those students. Murray is contactable by email and available during the weekend intensives. Part-time Rosemary commenced studying as a part time student with MBS in January 2008. She works as a Project Manager for the University of Melbourne and is happy to have been invited to be a class rep for the SRC and part time students. As Rosemary works near MBS she is able to meet with any part time student most week days and can be contacted via email on if you need to raise a concern about the school with the SRC.

January 2009 full-time

Ameya is a full-time student from the January '09 intake. He has worked for InCult, ASEAN and Sports Club and has taken the responsibility to be a Class Representative for his intake and work with SRC. "I am very fortunate to have a closeknit class where everyone cares for each other and is always ready to help out". Ameya is at school most days of the week please grab him or email him on if you need to raise a concern with SRC. January 2010 full-time

September 2009 Full-time

January 2009 Weekend mode

Ravi is a full-time MBA student from the Sep 09 intake. Ravi in addition to being a Class Rep, is an active member of various clubs. Ravi is at school most days of the week and is very approachable. He can be contacted at

Ayu joined the full-time intake in January 2010 and has volunteered to be the Class Representative for her intake for this term. She is also involved in the ASEAN club and has recently joined the salsa dance class provided by the Latin Club. Even though she has two left feet, she has found the lessons to be a good mid-week stress reliever. You can find Ayu at school almost every day of the week (literally), so please feel free to contact her should you feel like you to need to raise a concern with regards to your MBS experience.


the SOURCE from students to students

Club Activities & News The clubs at MBS have started the Term with a bang this year.... here is a bit of a wrap of what has happened over the last 2 weeks and a few previews of what is coming up... To stay up-to-date with events, keep an eye on the SouRCe, visit the club webpages on MBS Direct ( and Sign-up to the mailing lists.

Sports Club The Inaugural Interintake Basketball Tournament MBS held its first ever inter-intake basketball tournament on the 26th of February. A total of seven teams participated: 3 teams from the Jan ’09, 2 teams from Sept ’10, 1 team from Jan ’10 and 1 team from the Part-Timers. All the teams played well, with a display of

exceptional skills and athletic capabilities, AGSM watch out, we have Kobe Ryan! Team 1 from Sept’10, knocked out in the first round by Team 1 from Jan ’09, was the wild card entry being the team with the highest points amongst the first round knock outs. The underdog gave everyone a run for their money when they beat Team 2 from Jan ’09 to proceed to the semis. It was a very close match which was finally concluded in extra time, with the team from Sept ’10 winning by just one basket.

to the finals where they met the highly experienced team of Part-Timers. It was an exciting final, with both teams playing very well. The Sept ’10 team finally conceded in the finals to the Part-Timers team with a 10 point margin. It was a nice experience, with some players dribbling the ball for the first time. MBS Sports Club advocates fun and a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to be an expert to join us. Next up, Cricket! See you guys there!

This team from Sept ’10 went on to defeat Team 3 from Jan ’09, bull dozing their way

The Winning Team!!

...and the worthy runners up!

“Heard Around MBS”

We all know that our delightful faculty members like to regale us with entertaining stories & pearls of wisdom during the delivery of often daunting material during each of our lectures. If you feel that some of these gems should be shared with the wider MBS community please send us an email. We may even have access to the email address by then... SOURCE@MBS.EDU


the SOURCE from students to students

In-Cult Holi

Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month, which usually falls in the later part of February or March. It glorifies good harvest and fertility of the land and is also the time for spring harvest in India. There are a lot of Hindu mythology stories associated with the festival of Holi and along with the colorful fun; Holi is marked by vibrant processions which are accompanied by folk songs, dances and a general sense of abundant vitality. It is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of Hindu festivals. It’s an occasion that brings in unadulterated joy and fun, music and dance, and of course lots of bright colors. InCult tried to bring in the same joy at MBS on the 1st of March,

2010 and we saw a lot of colors in the MBS courtyard. Holi holds different significance and is celebrated in varied ways in the different states of India. However, the general sense is to cleanse the air of evil spirits and bad vibes by lighting bonfires and having a great time the following morning with colors and water. Marijuana-based bhang and thandai also add to the uninhibited atmosphere.

reminiscent of Holi in India. The colorful moments were captured by the MBS photography club and will remain in our minds for a long time to come.

Thus, Holi, the festival of colors was celebrated at MBS, in a colorful and exotic way with happiness and a lot of energy.

The Holi celebration at MBS started with a small speech on the importance of Holi followed by mouth-watering Indian snacks. After the snacks, a range of colors were arranged and everyone present at the event enjoyed themselves to the hilt by smearing color on each other. The whole atmosphere in the MBS courtyard was

MUEC Plan> Pitch> Pursue A big thank you to all those who have registered for MUEC 2010, presented by Pitcher Partners! We are extremely pleased by the high level of interest in the competition and would like to warmly welcome all participants. Team registrations and idea submissions

are now closed. Teams advancing to the next round will be notified and assigned a mentor during the week of 15 March. In the meantime, don't miss out on our upcoming MUEC events, where distinguished speakers will share their insights on topics of interest to entrepreneurs:

•Richard Shrapnel, Pitcher Partners •Roger James, Australian Marketing Institute Keep up to date with MUEC events on our website, <http://>

•Rebecca Scott, STREAT


the SOURCE from students to students

MBS Marketing Association Country Branding & Gorillas

I never thought much of a country as a brand. Sure, one could put a catchy tag line to market the country as a destination, which would work to draw in some tourism dollars, but as a brand by itself? How does one brand something so large, so diverse and so intricately complex like a country? With all these questions in mind, I walked into the Country Brand Index 2009 presentation by Erminio Putignano from FutureBrand, hosted by MBS Marketing Association, with a tinge of skepticism. The presentation opened with a picture of a gorilla wearing lipstick. Strange, indeed, but then again, one might expect something creative like this from a marketing professional. Coming back to the beautified primate, Erminio went so far as to agree with the skeptics of country branding. In short, he agreed, that if one were to splash marketing dollars to simply come up with a catchy tag line, jingle and ever ything else that goes with commercialized marketing to reap the benefits of the valuable tourism dollar, that would indeed be putting lipstick on a gorilla.

The real essence to country branding, Erminio argued, lay buried deep within the whole concept of branding. This essence can be gently coaxed out by asking a series of questions, which Erminio confessed was a common conversation starter with his dining guests. The first is whether you would like to visit the country as a holiday destination. This is, basically, the pretty Gorilla. The second is whether you would like to live in that country. Now it gets a little bit deeper, and a little bit more personal. The million-dollar question to understanding country-branding, as it turns out, is to ask whether you would want to have this country as your nationality on your passport. Country branding, as I understand it now, is about identity. Its more than just how the country is seen by the world based its external visual representations, such as a tourism poster of a kangaroo hopping around in the outback. It’s more internal, and deeply personal. It is an accumulation of everything that makes up a country. It’s the perception of whether a local stranger will help you carry your groceries (with no sleazy ulterior motives, of course). It’s whether you need grease a few palms to get your business running. It’s whether the end of the week on Friday means joining the mates at the pub at 530pm, or leaving the office just in time for an early Saturday morning breakfast at Burger Kings. Most importantly, it is how intimately you identify with the country and the perceived lifestyle. Does your lifestyle, personality and goals align with the brand of the country, so much so that you would become a citizen? This, in my opinion, is country branding. Erminio’s relaxed presentation style and friendly demeanor allowed for a lot of

discussion and debate. It was very encouraging that there was very active participation from the floor, with various thoughts and opinions being thrown around. The session was even more intriguing, as the audience, true to typical MBS fashion, was a mix of people of different nationalities. Thus, opinions about a certain country’s brand perception were a bit more personal and accurate, bordering on intimate and passionate. At the end of the day, Erminio shared the various attributes that was used by FutureBrand to complete the country brand index. These ranged from beaches, to business, to arts and culture. Then, he shared some possible theories on why America made it to the number one spot this year, ahead of Canada and Australia (he attributed it to ‘Obama-ism’). He also talked about where Australia lost some luster in the eyes of the world, for instance in terms of its local friendliness and its beaches, attributes which were always considered very ‘Aussie’. All in all, it was a very engaging presentation, delivered by a captivating speaker. It left me with a different personal opinion about country branding. It also gave me a better understanding of how a country’s brand might actually affect me, the business world, the company I work with, and basically, everything in life. Would I consider this to be putting lipstick on a gorilla? That would really depend on the gorilla. G e t c o m p l e t e i n fo r m a t i o n a b o u t FutureBrand’s 2009 country brand index here: reports-studies/cbi/2009/overview/


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Net Impact An Evening With John Wood

On February 15, Net Impact proudly hosted John Wood, ex-Microsoft executive and founder of Room To Read, one of the wor ld’s fasting growing non-profit organizations. With its quest of changing the world through children’s education, Room To Read has set up over 10,000 schools and libraries, benefitting more than 4.1 million children in nine developing countries.

John Wood shared with us his journey of leaving a high-flying job at Microsoft and putting his savvy business insights to start Room to Read, in pursuit of lifting people out of poverty through education. If you missed this event, you can read his book “Leaving Microsoft to Change The World” (available from the library). Upcoming events: The Social Impact Speaker Series, part of MUEC 2010, will feature the following speakers: March 11, 5:30pm: Starting a Social Enterprise by Rebecca Scott from STREAT @ MBS. More info.

April 1, 5:30pm: Checklist for Success by Roger Pitt from KADAC @ MBS. More Info. Other Events: Join us for happy hour at Sustainability Drinks Melbourne, April 7 (first Wednesday of every month), from 6-8pm at Fed Square. RSVP. Save the date for Movie Night @ MBS on Thursday April 7 (evening) for the exclusive screening of The Age of Stupid starring Pete Postlethewaite.

March 25, 5:30pm: Social Return on Investment (SROI) by Kevin Robbie from SVA @ MBS. More info.

Club Briefs MBS Marketing Association “UPCOMING EVENT: Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs Convinced that you have the perfect product? Thought of an idea that could make a real impact? Whether you have the makings of an entrepreneur or are a dedicated marketing practitioner, do join us for this exciting talk

on marketing strategy essentials for entrepreneurs.

plan development as well as specialised work on brands and brand development.

As part of the Melbourne University Entrepreneurs Challenge (MUEC) 2010, the MBS Marketing Association is pleased to present Australian Marketing Institute Chairman Roger James. Roger James is also Director of Roger James & Associates, a marketing, research and communications consultancy. In his work for the AMI he has been closely involved in the development of marketing performance measures. His professional background encompasses research, marketing strategy and business

DATE: Thursday, 18th Mar 2010 TIME: 6:00 pm LOCATION: MBS

Get it Out There...

If you want to promote your club’s activities in this quality publication, please drop the team an email at:


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A lu m n i D i rec to r y It’s “Who You Know” & “What You Know” As a current student, I’d like to say congratulations on making it this far – you should know by now that MBS has worldclass faculty with many outstanding learning opportunities. I hope you’re enjoying your studies. Yet I strongly believe if you graduate with “just” an MBA, or a PDM, or a Master of Marketing, it’s really only half the story. Rather, you should be aiming to be completing your studies with a qualification AND some sort of professional network to help move your career forward particularly if you’re not from Melbourne/ Australia to begin with. This is where the alumni community can play such an important role in the ongoing success of your career – and the wider School. Alumni can be vital in assisting students to find that first position after (or even before!) graduation. But don’t expect advice, guidance and opportunities to simply fall into your lap – you’ve got to search and find it yourself. And that’s where the School’s Alumni Directory comes in. I’m surprised at how few students know about or use this facility – it’s something I

talk to all new intakes about, but it perhaps gets lost in the noise and anticipation of Orientation-week.

about how you would like to be approached by a stranger and tailor your message accordingly.

The Alumni Directory is an online database of MBS graduates who choose to publicly display and keep up-to-date their contact details. Ostensibly, the Directory supports intra-alumni networking opportunities, however as a student you’re also given access to this tool and are welcome to make contact with alumni yourself.

The only thing we ask of you in using the alumni directory is to never, ever ask for a job. This can put the other party in a difficult and compromising situation. It may sound obvious but it continues to happen and when it does, the person being asked often elects to no longer publicly display their details, which diminishes the community and the directory for everyone.

Access to the Alumni Directory is through MBS Direct – you simply click on the Alumni tab and then navigate to the Directory from there. You can search alumni by industry, year graduated, surname, and geographical location etc. Often the information is just the bare bones to get you started – many alumni now have a LinkedIn page which can also aid your research of the most suitable people to make contact with. You are encouraged to use this alumni resource strategically and sensibly. Sending out a well-crafted, thoughtful and easy-to-follow email to an alumnus or two who can offer some advice to specific questions is much likelier to generate a response than a group email to 20 alumni with a vague or generic message. Think

So I hope you’ll continue to study hard but also consider how you can begin building a network as a student. This will mean that when it’s time to think about looking for a role, you have others around you to support your search and open other avenues that may not otherwise have been immediately obvious or available. Good luck – and if the Alumni Relations team can ever be of help to you as a student, please don’t hesitate to contact us on . With best wishes, Jonathan Cosgrove


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Exchange Stories - LBS, London When I applied for the International Exchange Program (IEP) through MBS, I was so keen to go overseas that I put down over the half Schools on my application hoping I would get one! So, when I got the email offering me the place at London Business School (LBS), I was VERY excited!!

I had put LBS as my first preference primarily for its reputation and location. LBS is now the Financial Times’ #1 ranked Business School (it was joint #1 with Wharton last year when I applied), so it clearly had a good standing and I felt

assured of a positive learning experience. In addition to the study experience, I wanted to be able to travel during my time overseas, so London was a perfect destination to be on exchange as it is a gateway to Europe. My experience at LBS was very different from my MBS experiences. For starters, at MBS I have been a part-time student, whereas at LBS I returned to full-time studies. I use that term loosely though – I took four classes, of which three were in block mode, so I only had class one day per week during the 10-week term!! However, this gave me more opportunity to partake in the Club activities (the ANZ Club, the Wine & Cheese Club, the Human Capital Club, the Industry Club) and School events (Thursday night Sundowners – free drinks!; Careers Fairs etc) which I had not taken advantage of at MBS. There were 70+ IEP students at LBS when I was there and combined with the 70% international students that attend LBS, it

was a melting pot of different perspectives and backgrounds that I hadn’t fully appreciated from my MBS experience. I have a new appreciation for the learning you gain from such diversity.

I had an amazing experience on exchange – I attended some stimulating classes; met wonderful new friends; drank and ate too much; travelled somewhere out of London every 1-2 weeks; and have a fantastic set of memories that I will always cherish. Nicole Macdonald

Share Your Experience Getting off the beaten path or maybe just visiting home.... Whether it is just around the corner or in some remote corner of the globe, share your experiences with your fellow students and send us a note, send us your photos, tell us where you’ve been, the places you stayed, the food you ate. We will publish it in the next Source!


the SOURCE from students to students

Exchange Stories - NYU Stern, NYC Cultural Learnings from a Place apartment to rent for the duration. Luckily other hand, is an array of diversity where came to the rescue. the door leads us into the relative Called New York Sceptical about the trustworthiness of such unknown. As I sit in a JFK airport lounge, my life in New York flashes before my eyes. How is it that four months has passed with the rapidity of a Roger Federer serve at the US Open? Is it the abundance of laughter, education and revelation that was had in the Empire State? Or is it the joy of meeting a handful of real people and forming genuine relationships in an otherwise reputedly aloof society. A few days after the last exam of term 2, as I wave goodbye to Melbourne on my journey to New York for exchange, I wonder to myself, what’s in store for the months ahead? Fall in New York as the leaves turn brown and the redness sunset pushes through the clouds, will it live up to all expectations? On the way, I stop off in Tokyo for a few days of rest and relaxation, across the road from the preeminent Japanese advertising agency, Dentsu, a building to marvel in itself. A brilliant and vibrant city with introductory lights and glamour, as well as the freshest sushi and slipperiest ramen one could imagine. Arriving at JFK airport, greeted by a close friend who happens to be a native New Yorker, I settle into life in the States. This is now my third visit to the financial capital of the world, but every time is a distinct and revealing experience. The initial few weeks were tough, and required some adjustment, especially as it took this time to search and locate an appropriate and non-extor tionate

a site, I entrusted my landlady with a few thousand dollars and moved into my humble abode in Stuyvesant Town in the East Village. (As it would happen, my distrust in said website was not untold, following an unfortunate interaction with a fraudulent Nigerian con artist!) One purpose of the exchange program is to immerse students in a foreign culture, and as one walks through the Kaufman Management Center (spelt with an er), the Westernised (spelt with an s), Stern Business School’s main building, one ponders and perplexes as the cultural difference is not so evident. Hence, when considering a culture beyond the normal walks of reality, images of 5am sushi at Tsukiji market, the meandering intricacies of the streets of La Bocca, or the sweltering hike up to Table Mountain. However, none match the ambiguity surrounding the culture clash that strikes you in New York. How can a civilised and Westernised city compare to the diversity the world has to offer? Contemplating this question, I can quite honestly say that, without hesitation, society and culture in New York is like no other. Perhaps it stems from the fact that when watching the locals skillfully play volleyball on Ipanema Beach, or the masterful taxi drivers beeping their horns whilst creeping through the streets of the Big Durian, tourists have a certain expectation of what the destination holds. New York, on the

Whether it be the decadent shopping of Soho putting the Amex to the test, the abruptness of waiting staff in questionable Chinatown eateries, the pursuit of cultural enlightenment at the Lincoln Center, or even thick-accented proprietors serving authentic oversized slices of pizza from cubic booths scattered around Manhattan, the extremities of culture are evident and prevalent. Every day in New York presents a form of novelty, a cultural challenge if you will. Discoveries are made on every corner, with every interaction, and every step. Observe, for example, the commuters traversing the city on the subway during the early hours of the morning; some are heading to their next destination following an extravagant session in the influential meatpacking district, whilst another is heading home to dynamic Brooklyn to take their kids to school after a long shift at their second job. Hence, no matter what your need or compunction, this great city offers everything one could ever want, and will drag you closer towards a meaningful understanding of cultural diversity that exists even within an English speaking society. And, when the sensory overload overwhelms, rest assured that the quaint cafés in the West Village serving fresh concoctions to warm your cockles on a snowy winter’s day will inevitably put your mind at ease. Jason Chuei



Treas u rer Page Term 3, 2009 Expenses WHERE THE MONEY GOES

Key features from Term 3, 2009 spending: • Not all the clubs used their allocated fund (35.24% utilization from all 21 Clubs) with some clubs had no activities • SRC events such as Welcome BBQ, Mid Term Drink and End of Term Party were within budget proposed • Balance remaining at the end of Term 3 will cover Term 1 expenses of MBS-AGSM Cup ANY QUERIES IN REGARD TO SRC EXPENSES, PLEASE CONTACT LUIS DE LA VEGA (CURRENT SRC TREASURER) OR KUNAL BADIANI (TERM 3 2009 SRC TREASURER)

MBS Clubs: Contact List





Chris Fulton


Ronjon Bhattacharya & Vicky Huang


Ajith Madakasira & Richard Columbine

China Master

Vicky Wei & Sophia Wang

Consulting Club

Ronjon Bhattacharya & Ryan Gunasekera

Family Club

Carlos Correa & Damien Burger


Kajal Khilnani & Abhishek Binani


Arturo Loza & Luis de la Vega

Marketing Association

Kenneth Rodrigues & Mamta Gupta


Dylan Nguyen & Matt Schantes


Kian Borzabadi & Jason Widjaja

Net Impact

Mindy Leow & Jeff Cheek

Outdoors Club

Mansoor Zaidi & Gillian Cashion


Leandro Gama & Siok Tan

Public Speaking Club

Divi Jain & Kunal Badiani


Tim Rostrup & Carlos Correa


Henry Herring & David Doyle


Kenneth Rodrigues

Sports Club

Yvonne Tan & Sumeet Kaur


Tim Rostrup


Barnali Saha & Sumeet Kaur

Wine & Philosophy

David Doyle & Chris Fulton

The SouRCe (T1 Issue 2)  

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