Page 1 God Bless America – Respect Your Flag! Gabe on May 3, 2013 · 3 comments Fags Polluting the American Flag in the Year 2013

Attached to this article is a picture of fags displaying the American Flag with all kinds of Fag colors…

(If these pictures are Fake, someone did a really good job because they look very real to me… They even have a quote out of Obama’s lips which claims he approves of fag marriage)

Rhode Island just approved Fag marriage today on 5-2-2013 which now represents approximately 16% of the American Population that is affected by legal Fag marriage according to CNN news. I just realized that the state of Massachusetts also approves Fag Marriage, since Boston is in the state of Massachusetts in which the bombers who killed and injured numerous people must have been under a lot of pressure from the Fags that live in Boston, MA. From what I understand the bombers were from Russia and I’m not sure, but I do not think the country of Russia is totally Fagatized like the United States is‌ Washington D,C, the United States Capitol even approves Fag marriage. Our own United States President Obama approves homosexuality and he himself has pictures of himself kissing men on the lips all over the internet.

Wake up America! Is there some sort of coincidence going on here? The state of New York has made Fag marriage legal and the 911 attack on the world wide Twin towers happened there… Now! In 2013 another mass slaughter happened in Boston, MA which has approved Fag marriage. Are the East Coast residents having a hard time swallowing Fag marriage? Which Fag state is the next target of a mass slaughter attack?

These are valid questions that every United States citizen should take into consideration before voting for legal Fag marriage. Yes! You are helping the Fags, but on the same token you are getting the Fags slaughtered along with all the innocent people who did not vote for Fag marriage. Is making Fag marriage legal really worth all this drama? My fellow American’s, please wake up and follow the Law of God… God does not want you to vote for Fag Marriage! God is real! The Power of God is no joke! According to this picture, its very obvious God the creator of man is extremely pissed off! I do not know about you… But, I do not want to be on the receiving end of the one true living God (Jehovah) eternal wrath against Fags and their “supporters”. I was not given the name “Gabriel” by accident. God always sends a messenger with the name “Gabriel” before he performs Godly events. I’m simply the messenger… I’m a eternal vessel for the alive and well living Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, just like any other Christian who is utilized by the living Holy Spirit. Just remember God does not change. But, humans living on earth forget to live by the law of God…Humans then become very evil! God simply does what he has always done. He purifies the air of Fags!

When the true living God gets done with this planet. A true Christian man can stand on top of the tallest mountain, beat his own chest in the morning and sniff the pure sterilized air God has purified for all his children that actually respect his word that is eternally laid out in the Holy Bible. Just so their is no misunderstandings, the wages of sin is physical death on earth plus eternal damnation in Hell! I know this hard for all you youngsters to comprehend but hell is real. I know a lot of male Americans were abused sexually by a Fag daddy, fag teacher, Fag boy scout leader, Fag president of the United States of America ect. A lot of you simply do not get it. But my advise to any living creature on earth is do everything possible to avoid eternity in hell. That includes rejecting what is a abomination in the eyes of the creator of the world us humans call earth, who posses your destiny forever! This is serious business folks‌ Bottom line is: what these Fags (homosexuals) have done to this country is absolutely �Horrific�. Please leave your very honest opinion below.

God Bless America – Respect Your Flag!  
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