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Evil Dead (2013) - Hell has Arrived! Okay adults... The reality of what life will be like every single moment your physical body dies is precisely expressed in this video with out the 3000 degree heat from hell. This movie which will be released: April 12, 2013 called "Evil Dead", is a blessing to everyone who watches it in hopes they will accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth as their personal Savior to exclude them from entering hell and simply go straight to heaven... To reiterate from previous articles that I've written at: <a title="All About Jesus" href="" target="_blank"></a> ...It's well known that since 2012 its been a proven scientific fact from thousands of people who have been interviewed and have entered hell through a near death experience... I truly sincerely want to save you the pain and eternal non stop agony this new film is exhibiting about our future. Some people spend more preparation getting ready for their yearly vacation to Hawaii or some other exotic place; versus communicating with Jesus and preparing them selves for eternity. You grown folks watch this movie and remember what you have read this moment on my blog and simply let it fry into your brain like a piece of cheese melting on top of a hamburger. Simply believe the scientific facts and do not miss the boat to heaven with Jesus! Please leave you comments below...

Evil Dead (2013) - Hell has Arrived!  
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