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The Tiger Girl By Shaira Mostofa

One morning, when the sun was rising on top of the forest, an adult female tiger is waking her cubs in the hidden forest, of beautiful Bangladesh. She had caught a deer and saved it for this morning when her cubs had woken up. You must be wondering about their names? Well, the mother’s name is Shondhor which means beautiful in Bangla. There are 4 cubs, Rani, Raja, Shokti and the littlest one, Bengali. But sadly, Shokti died he wandered somewhere. He was a boy and could not manage on his own. But luckily Raja and Rani is still surviving. Bengali too. One day Bengali asked her where her father, Ragger went. It was getting late, so Shondhor went with her cubs to look for him. They found him hurt but it was ok. Shondhor licked him until he stood up. He couldn’t walk properly but it will heel soon. After a few weeks, he felt a lot better. But his leg was not. So Shondhor and the cubs discussed the issue and agreed on taking him in the calm rivers. While Ragger went in the river with Shondhor, the cubs played tag near them. It was the afternoon when Shondhor and Ragger heard a noise. Crows are flying in alarm, the couple knew what it was. Shondhor grabbed Bengali, Ragger got Rani and Raja could manage, so they were all running for their lives. They ran until they found a safe place to hide. Until then, Bengali asked her mom why we ran. Shondhor said: “MAN, WAS IN THE FOREST.” This sounded frightening to the cubs. The word “MAN” had frightened them. They didn’t understand what it meant. But it was Ragger’s turn to hunt, so before he left, the cubs told him to be aware of man. Ragger gave them a smile and set of. When Ragger came back, he brought two animals. One for now, and the other one for next morning. It was night, everyone is all comfy and cozy. Bengali is having a dream. She is dreaming about being killed by man. It was a sad story. But it was also a happy story because she dreamt of a brave hearted tiger destroying these beasts. Days pass, Bengali is now big and wise. Through her life she had been learning how to talk human. She has learnt now and today is the last day before she starts her quest to fight for her kind. Who knows if she will survive or not? The quest begins, NOW….. Days pass, Bengali is on her own. She is wandering all by herself when she hears something. Then she sees it’s actually Rani, her elder sister. But then, she hears another noise. It was a male tiger named Nick. Bengali was frightened but Rani told her to calm down. “Aren’t you afraid? He’s a male tiger, he can kill you” said Bengali. “Don’t be afraid little sis, we’ve already mated. Where’s your mate? “Don’t have one yet” Answers Bengali. Got to go, by! Bengali started walking again. After a few hours or so Bengali finds to tigers mating. She stands still. After a minute of two they see Bengali. Bengali notices that one of them is Raja, her elder brother. Raja says the other tiger is her mate. Her name is Juliet. Raja asked the same question as Rani did (where’s your mate?) Bengali said the same thing as she did before. Bengali said by to her brother and then tried to remember which way the crows were coming from. Finally she remembered that the crows were flying towards the south so she had to go to the north. It has been approximately 2 days when Bengali hears something, or someone, in panic. She knew what it was from when she was a baby. It’s the crows, that

means it’s the day she had been waiting for from so long. While the birds were flying one way Bengali goes the other direction. She keeps running until she stopped. She finally saw how men looked. She kept on starring. She doesn’t want to disturb then because those people have what they say GUNS. Must be wondering about her next move? Well, to fit you in the details, Shondhor gave a translation chip on Bengali’s ear so she can understand what people are saying. (Now back to the story.) She makes a step back but she steps on a branch that fell from the trees. The 2 men heard that sound and started looking for her. Bengali walked back slowly but oh no! She cage fell down on her and now she’s trapped! Bengali was breathing fast. She never experienced this before. She was scared. She watched as the 2 men laughed like they were looking at a pie covered clown. They were laughing and talking. But Bengali did not understand because they were talking in Bangladeshi language. Not in English. This made Bengali fall asleep. She is now dreaming about her childhood. Then, she hears a CLASH! She woke up. She is not in her tiny cage. Neither is she in the forest. She looks around and sees that she is in an enormous cage. She looks up and sees a sign in the distance. The letters were written in bold and said: WELCOME TO THE ZOO. “IN THE ZOO!!” “How in the world did I ever come here at the zoo!” then Bengali looked at the front. Loads of people were starring at her. “Wait a minute.” She thought to herself. “If I be nice to the people, then I could maybe talk to him/her. I just need to find the right person.” It was finally night, the zoo was closed, no more sounds. It was quiet, the big noisy days are all over. Bengali is still there, in her own big empty cage with only herself inside, fast asleep. Then she hears a cockerels saying COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! But Bengali didn’t mind. She always hears cockerels in the forest. But she heard a sort of scream saying WAKE UP STRIPY HEAD, GET YOUR BREKFAST! Bengali wakes up. She sees a person is telling her to wake up. She throws a whole slice of meat in front of Bengali. Bengali wanted to say thank you but when she looked up she saw the person was gone. When she finished eating, the tourists, common people and citizens were entering the zoo. Then after a few hours, Bengali saw a girl. The girl was sitting on a chair near a round table next to her family and friends. The table had a shaded umbrella with it. Because it summer after all. The girl kept on starring at me. I moved a step back. Then the girl stood up after a few seconds and said with a soothing voice. “Oh, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, I just want to be your friend.” Her real friend came and said: “You know tigers can’t talk in English, even though they are you favorite animals.” “I know said the first girl. “If only it was true. But even though, I will come here everyday.” “And are you sure about that?” Bengali finally said. Both girls stopped and gasped in amazement. “C-c-can you really talk sir?” one of the girls said. Bengali answers politely: I’m a female tiger if you must know.” Both girls hold each others hands, stopped for 7 seconds then ran away. Bengali dropped her ears because she was upset. But actually those girls went to run around and tell everyone to get attracted to. Bengali started to relax and feel shy at the same time. Then a woman said: “My girl says you can really talk miss… Um, Bengali (Bengali had her collar that the zoo put on her.) “Why yes madam.” So more people continued following those 2 girls and more people which caught up to the news which attracted more, and more, and more until the girls and Bengali went to talk to MRS. HILLARY CLINTON about their life stories, and everything that she wanted to know about Bengali and the girls. Well, one of the girls said that she isn’t really

the person because they are just friends. So one of the girls are left standing. So Hillary only wanted to listen to them. So the first girl stood up from her chair and told about her life of the good times, and the bad times, the embarrassing moments, and the funny moments and all that stuff. Finally it was Bengali’s turn and she told about her life AND POACHERS. So from that day, everybody noticed about GLOBAL WARMING. Hillary told everyone to stop poachers, fewer factories and more ways to stop global warming. Bengali had an idea that there should be 100 buildings, 100 trees plants etc. Also 100 animals. Bengali said you can change it to 239, 567, 845 and more but has to be the same amount. All in each country. Everyone agreed with Bengali. So after the days Bengali and the girl passed away, all the people in the world had a memorial and go to the jungle and plant trees of when Bengali had a talk with Hillary. Before Bengali died, she said that if you work hard enough, you might be able to live your dreams. THE END.


see how one normal tiger changes the world....

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