Encore Magazine May 2021

Page 35


Farmers Market Stalls loaded with vegetables, herbs and fruit like wagon trains circling wheat fields. Wafting scents of ripe raspberries, purple basil and pungent rosemary. We barter for strawberries, feel fuzzy golden peaches, eye heirloom tomatoes, fresh stalks of broccoli. Bargaining with the sun, farmers become magicians pulling plums from trees, peppers from white flowers, sweet corn from flat brown earth with worn fingers and sun-bleached faces. — Norma Strong Strong lives in Kalamazoo and has been published in a number of literary journals, including Art Times, California Quarterly, The Rockford Review and Wild Goose Poetry Review. The Kalamazoo Farmers Market this year has a temporary location at Mayors’ Riverfront Park while renovations are being done at the Bank Street site.

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