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f you’re the 73-year-old leader of a massive company that you have built over more than 50 years, the tendency may be to look back. Not Marc Schupan. Inside a small room in a nondescript office building on Covington Road in Kalamazoo, the Schupan & Sons Inc. president and CEO sits in a recliner surrounded by framed photos of family, friends and famous athletes and coaches. This is no “I Love Me” wall. It’s a shrine to people Schupan has known, loved and admired through his life, and sitting

Marc Schupan’s family is very involved in the business, from left: sons Jacob and Jordan, Marc’s wife Jeanne, Marc, daughter Shayna Schupan-Barry and son-in-law John Barry.

by this wall he makes it clear he’s not nearly as interested in talking about himself or his career as about what’s next for his company. “I’m excited about the future because of the people we have,” says Schupan, who turned 73 in late March. “I think we’re going to be creative. We’re never going to bet the farm on anything, but I think w w w.encorekalamazoo.com | 13