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Chemex, Anyone?

Café with coffee is the newest addition at Fido Motors by



ack Chrisman knows a lot about coffee. “I am going to get started on a Chemex,” says Chrisman, the barista and café manager at Fido Café, as he picks up an hourglass-shaped vessel, inserts a coffee filter, and starts to pour water into it. Then the lesson begins. “There’s many different pour-overs on the market," he says. "Each one has a different design so each has a different experience. "This is a cone style, so it allows for a really even extraction and allows for a very balanced interpretation; not a ton of body. Believe it or not, it’s an old design, originally patented in the U.S. in the 1940s. It’s not exactly the new hipster thing people think it is.” Fido Café, which offers coffee, sandwiches and Sarkozy Bakery pastries among other items on its menu, opened Oct. 19 and is the 12 | Encore MARCH 2017