Encore December 2018

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Images too good to keep to ourselves photography by


More than ever before, it seems, people love photography. How else to explain our love

affair with photo social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Flickr? But, despite the ease of sharing photos on these sites, viewing a digital image on a little screen is just not the same as seeing that photo in big, beautiful print. To prove our point, we present Revealed, our second annual issue of never-before-published photos taken for Encore stories that are just too good not to share. Our staff picked these from hundreds of photo files and along the way found a few outtakes — moments captured during photo shoots that are genuine and humorous and give a sense of just how fun our jobs really are. The staff often refers to this as the “Eye Candy Issue,” and they are right: Each photo is unique and delicious and meant to be savored.

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