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Brian Powers

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“It’s a good local resource and one I plan to use over and over again,” Lynch says of La Luna, where he returned this spring to record some new material. But if you have already been looking for new material by Lynch, you might have been a bit confused to find the 2020 instrumental album Nostalgia and Hope: Heartwarming Irish Landscapes (Original Score) on Amazon or Spotify. Lynch has been credited on those platforms as the album's artist, but the work is not his. It’s by an Irish musician with the same name. This mix–up has baffled more than a few listeners, whose back–and–forth comments in the Amazon review section of the album are their own kind of internet humor. “Every day somebody will ask me, ‘What’s this weird new direction you’re going in?’ And there will be a picture of that guy’s album,” Lynch says. “Sometimes I fess up and I say, ‘Well, it’s not me, it’s some other guy.’ Then sometimes I say, ‘I want to express