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Adjective: ill (iller, illest) 1. Nothing better than; the best 2. The maddest, sickest, best shit 3. The tightest, the best, the sickest 4. Thin line between genius and madness



he Illest Reggae Band is a twisted amalgamation of aggressive roots, rock and dub-style reggae fused with their maniac blend of rock, ska, reggae, hip hop, r&b and jazz alike. Fronted by Willis Knowles and the soulful wailing of Mandisa Kerr, the band continues bridging the gap of music, people and culture through original songs and countless covers. Known for their energetic, uplifting performances, The Illest is poised to take their message of acceptance, love and I-nity to audiences everywhere. The Illest is a band you will NOT want to miss. They are steadily on the rise, each performance more energizing than the last. These talented musicians are passionate entertainers with a natural driving force and they know how to light up a stage.


Original Songs


Guitar Love Hey

Truth Search

Gonna Make You Fall Natty Jam

In the Media

The Tribune, Nassau Bahamas, January 19, 2011

“Willis and The Illest is In Ya Ear!” FROM their hits No More Trouble to Bob Marley’s Exodus, Willis and The Illest made a sustainable connection with The Illest Fans at their first live concert at the Uptown Lounge last weekend, where the band took their performance to the next level…

The Nassau Guardian, January 14, 2011

“The Illest Band to rock the house in Jamdown @ Uptown” JUST when you thought you’d seen their best, the “Illest” band in town is doing it again, and this time it will be huge. Make ‘Em Listen presents Jamdown @ Uptown, a concert that will feature The Illest, formerly known as Willis & The Illest. This special event will showcase everyone’s favorite reggae fusion band putting on their first real concert this Saturday evening at Uptown Lounge, and you are invited to see them up close and personal in an event that you won’t forget as they make a big step on the music scene…

The Tribune, Nassau Bahamas, January 12, 2011

“Willis and The Illest is In Ya Ear!” A love of reggae prompted Willis Knowles to get together with a few other musicians to create the Willis and The Illest bands, one of the hottest groups to hit the Bahamian music scene in a long time. The lead vocalist was inspired by Reggae greats such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Taurus Riley to create the band’s unique sound…

In the Media

The Tribune, Nassau Bahamas, August 11, 2010

“Grammy winning producer sees magic in local band” A multi Grammy award winning producer and musician has given a major thumbs up to local band Willis and the Illest saying that he feels the popular musicians are definitely ready to open a major concert. Andy Kravitz is renowned in the music industry having won several Grammys and been nominated for 14. He has created music for a wide range of artists including Sting, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones…

The Tribune, Nassau Bahamas, January 20, 2010

“Willis and The Illest to release new single ‘Forbidden Love’ WITH anticipation growing around the release of their first single “Forbidden Love” and calls flooding in from hotels, bars and event planners hoping to secure an appearance from the band, rising Bahamian stars Willis and The Illest are in an enviable position a year and a half on from the band’s first appearance on the music scene….

The Tribune, Nassau Bahamas, April 29, 2009

“Local band stirring up the night scene by adding a twist to popular songs” IT is a feat of bravado for an artist who loves the work of another to try to mimic it – for it can rightfully attract serious criticism if the rendition doesn’t live up to the standards set by a legendary creator. But I suspect Willis and The Illest will never understand the embarrassment of watching a crowd full of cringing faces as they do every song justice, even whilst adding their own distinctive touch.


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The Illest Press Kit  

The Illest Press Kit

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