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What is a Pet Protector? It is a disc that protects pets against fleas ant ticks. It not composed of any chemicals and do not pose any threats to your pets or your household. It is environmentally friendly and does not have any harm to the surroundings. It is easy to use and has guarantee of prevention against parasites for over four years. It is as simple as putting the disc around the neck of your pet and waiting for it to do the rest. There is not other product in the market so far that can this Pet Protector Disc ion prevention of parasites. It has a long-term service and very effective.

How does pet protector works? It has scalar waves that are charged, which protects the whole body of the pet. It forms a shield which parasites cannot easily penetrate. These waves cannot affect the pet as they are specifically designed to affect parasites. These waves form an environment that the parasites find hard to survive, this makes them very effective in preventing

your pet from their attack. For thorough effectiveness, make sure that the protector disc stays permanently on the neck of the pet even when you wash it. The protective field created by the protector disc is one of the safest ways of preventing ticks and fleas. It is effective for all pets including, newborns, aged, ill and also pregnant pets.

Why Choose Pet Protector Disc? Many people out there are still using pesticides and other chemicals to prevent their pets from being attacked by parasites. This is very dangerous considering that pets stay indoors where they have contact with your children and other members of the house. There are numerous types of pesticides, sprays, dips, oral, powders etc. that are used to control parasites in pets. Some of these methods are not convenient as they only kill one type of parasites. For this product in question, all parasites have no freedom to depend on your pet for survival. Also, some of the pesticides contain chemicals that can harm your pet, especially when it is sick or pregnant. The advantage of using pet Protector Disc is that it can be used on all animals, you do not require to put on any protective gloves and what more, you are still safe even if you don't wash your hands after you finish putting the protector on your pet. This is because it is very clean and free from chemicals and other harmful substances. Unlike using chemical products to protect your pet, this protector disc can be used from the very first day of your pet's life without any fear. Kittens and puppies are found too be too young to protect against parasites using chemicals. This is because they may not have the capacity to withstand the conditions brought forth by these chemicals. Using chemicals to such small pets poses them to the dangers of contracting liver problems. It is important that you read the labels of the products container if you opt to use chemicals to protect your animal. Take good care for your animals. For More Click Here

Pet Protector  

It is a disc that protects pets against fleas ant ticks. It not composed of any chemicals an hence do not pose any threats to your pets or y...

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