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How Lonely Planet Grew its Magazine Brand to Millions on Issuu


Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet

About Lonely Planet Lonely Planet is the largest global travel media company that publishes expert travel tips in guidebooks, magazines, mobile apps and other digital media platforms. Lonely Planet magazine (US) publishes original travel ideas, in-depth articles, food, drink and travel news, plus tips from a worldwide network of travel experts. The award-winning magazine is published four times a year and includes the popular “Best in Travel” and “Best in the U.S.” editions.

Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet

Challenges • Establishing a name and brand for Lonely Planet’s magazine in a space where their guidebooks are more well known • Growing both global and national awareness of the magazine • Distributing the magazine to audiences who prefer a digital experience over print

Goals • Editorial excellence • Growth in readership • Enhanced brand awareness

Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet

“Issuu completely exceeded our expectations by giving us millions of impressions to new audiences that generated awareness and followers of our magazine.� Scott Toncray Operations Manager

Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet

Why Issuu? When they first launched their magazine,

statistics on Issuu to track which stories

the team at Lonely Planet was looking for

are being read and how long people are

a platform that was widely distributed,

spending on different editions, as well as

easy to share on social media and cost-ef-

the stories inside. Issuu has significantly

fective. The most important feature they

improved Lonely Planet magazine’s brand

wanted was the ability to easily embed

awareness and helped them reach an

their content onto existing pages of their

audience of millions.

website. Issuu fit the bill for all of these requirements — and more.

“We launched a print travel magazine as part of Lonely Planet’s strategy to offer

“We chose Issuu because it was the solution

our trusted content on every platform the

we needed to easily share and embed our

modern traveler is on,” says Toncray. “This

digital magazine, and to be shared by our

summer, we’re giving it a fresh new look

audience to their communities,” says Scott

and also using Stories to show readers

Toncray, Operations Manager at Lonely

focused glimpses at what’s inside each

Planet. According to Toncray, Issuu’s

magazine. With Issuu Stories, we hope to

embed feature saves them time and

recreate the magazine experience and

creates a pleasant user experience. Issuu

the inspiration it offers digitally, as well

also makes it easy to upload, measure

as track engagement in real time to get to

and share the magazine online to a variety

know our readers better.”

of audiences. Their team uses real-time

Results • Gained 85,000+ circulation and 2.5 million+ impressions in less than one year, on a magazine that was virtually unknown before they began using Issuu • Increased brand awareness and easy discovery for people across the globe that are interested in the U.S. version of the magazine • Useful, real-time statistics to see what readers are most interested in • An engaging platform that has created many introductions to the Lonely Planet brand that may not have been afforded otherwise

Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet

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Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet  

Read this Issuu case study to learn how Lonely Planet uses Issuu to grow its magazine brand to millions of readers.

Issuu Case Study: Lonely Planet  

Read this Issuu case study to learn how Lonely Planet uses Issuu to grow its magazine brand to millions of readers.

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