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How to use Issuu AdPages Learn how to set up an AdPages campaign in 4 minutes. Get more Issuu readers.

Choose an Issuu doc to advertise

Create your ad始s text and headline

Make any page the Ad Image

Select categories for best targeting

Confirm your ad始s look & feel

Set your daily spending budget

Target readers by country

Submit your new ad for approval

Adjust your Price Per Reader

Track your campaign results

What is it? AdPages is Issuu始s advertising/distribution tool. Advertise your Issuu documents in sidebars. You only pay when someone reads your document.

What is it? These are paid ads. They are shown based on category matching with the main document on the left. Clicking on an ad will open the doc in fullscreen. The advertiser will then be charged.

Get started. Go to Select the doc you want to advertise from the drop-down menu. When your like your Ad Preview, move onto Targeting by clicking 驶Done.始

1. Select a doc to advertise from the drop-down.

2. Use your imagination to craft a good Ad Title and Ad Body

3. Set any page as Ad Image to have readers click directly to that page.

4. Click 驶Done,始 when you like your Ad Preview.

Easy targeting. What do you customers usually read? Where do your customers live? Focus on these two questions to target best.

Targeting made easy 5. Select categories that your audience reads about. *Leaving it blank means it始ll show anywhere

6. Target countries by unchecking 驶Use suggested countries始 NB! If you select France, those reading Issuu in France will see you ad. It doesn始t mean your ad will only show beside French docs.

Spending. How much will you spend a day? How much is a reader worth to you? You only pay what you want. And we never charge for placements.

7. Whatʼs your spending limit?

Set your Daily and Campaign budget in the drop-down menu. You can modify it later.

8. Whatʼs the max youʼll pay per reader?

Use our suggested bid or set your own. You will never pay more than that amount for each read. You can modify it later.

9. Click ʻDoneʼ to submit your ad for approval.

Track it. A campaign is money- and date-fixed period. An ad is what始s shown in the sidebars. A campaign can have many ads, altering the Ad Title, Ad Body, and Ad Image to advertise the same document.

PPR means Price Per Read, the amount we charge you for each click.

Click the Ad Name to see how that ad performed.

Flip through the visual graphs to see how your campaign does over time.

Read 驶Optimizing AdPages始 for insider tips. Does it make sense to start a conversation about taking your AdPages further? Write to Paul.

Beginners guide to AdPages  
Beginners guide to AdPages  

A step by step guide on how to use Issuu AdPages