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ANTI-DOPING DRIVE The FIA has ramped up its Race True anti-doping educational programme with the first of a number of training sessions for drivers competing in FIA championships. FIA Head of Medical Affairs Sandra Silveira-Camargo gave a presentation to teams and drivers at Spa-Francorchamps during round two of the FIA World Endurance Championship. While motor sport does not have a major doping problem, ignorance of the rules can lead to an ineligibility period of up to four years for drivers. FIA medical representatives spent the weekend at Spa in May visiting the teams and drivers to answer any questions that they had on a one-to-one basis. As well as the World Endurance Championship, the training programme will be provided to competitors in Formula One, the World Rally Championship, World Rallycross Championship, the World Touring Car Championship, Formula E and European Formula 3. The training sessions are in response to results from 2014, when 3.6 per cent of doping tests carried out by the FIA led to a positive result. If the programme proves successful it will be expanded to include more series in the future.

Algeria ran the first FIA-backed Karting Slalom contest in May.

FIA UNVEILS KARTING SLALOM PROJECT The FIA has launched a Karting Slalom project as part of a new initiative to enable children around the world to discover karting and receive structured training. FIA National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) that successfully apply to participate will receive a free karting ‘toolbox’ comprising two complete karts ready for use, 200 plastic cones, a guide to setting up the Karting Slalom, and the safety and sporting rules. The concept of the slalom event is simple and easy to put into place, with a capacity for 200 participants per competition. The event requires only a small area of tarmac, such as a supermarket car park or a school

courtyard, some marker cones, a few barriers and two karts. The format involves each participant completing four practice runs followed by two timed runs under the supervision of the judges, who will ensure that the course is properly followed and indicate any potential penalties if a cone is touched/knocked over. The first pilot event took place in Algeria in May. In future, ASN’s will be able to apply to the FIA Sport Grant Programme to take part. Graham Stoker, FIA Deputy President Sport, said: “Everybody should be given an opportunity to try our sport. Karting Slalom can deliver this to developing ASNs.”

VW AND CITROEN OFFER 2017 WRC INSIGHT The FIA World Rally Championship will introduce more powerful, faster and spectacular cars in 2017. Volkswagen designers have produced a visual concept of their 2017 challenger (right), which will generate about 380bhp/280kW, or roughly 60bhp/45kW more than the current car. “The 2017 WRC regulations include many spectacular technical innovations for the WRC,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Jost Capito. “The World Rally Cars of the future will incorporate all the experience that the teams have gained in recent years. They will be more dynamic but safer.“ Citroën Racing has gone one step further by completing some initial testing of its 2017 World Rally Car. Overseen by Laurent Fregosi, Citroën Racing’s new Technical Director, the development team headed to southern

France for the first proper test session in May, following shakedown tests in Versailles in early April. Team manager Yves Matton said: “The car is very much in line with what we had imagined when we talked about the new regulations. All the factors we had wanted to improve – the noise, impression of speed and aggressive design – are already in evidence, even though this was only the car’s first test outing. I think rally fans are going to like the new generation of WRCs.”


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