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No more one size-fits-all point-and-shooters With this holida y guide, you'll find several choices for that special person

Samsung TL225 Price: $330 Who it's for: Self-portrait shooters and socialites.

Courtesy of PC World Although it doesn’t have the best image quality--and it takes only MicroSD/MicroSDHC cards-this is the camera for scenesters. The TL225 has two LCD screens: The one on the front is designed for taking self-portraits, performing self-timer shots, and capturing a baby’s attention.

Adding to the camera's cool factor is its haptic-feedback, touchscreen interface, which makes operating the camera fun. You can draw an “X� on a photo to delete it, swipe through images to look at them, and even tilt the camera in various directions to toggle through shooting modes.

No more one size-fits-all point-and-shooters