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Unge forskere competition 2011 ISS students are again showing their skills as ‘Young Researchers’. Four ISS students were invited to the Unge forskere national final in Oslo on 15th April 2011. I had the privilege of travelling to Oslo for the day, and spent an inspiring few hours talking to finalists from around Norway – many of them IB Diploma students – and all incredibly talented, interesting young people with a zest for life and academic research! I am happy to report the ISS students were extremely successful in this prestigious national competition, and also that they enjoyed the experience of the Unge forskere final presentations and activities, including a fabulous gala dinner on the Friday evening. Looking back over the results since ISS students began to enter the competition in the year 2000, I notice that there have now been 36 finalists from ISS over the 12 years. An average of three finalists a year is an outstanding achievement – and this year there were four!

Unge forskere competition: ISS results 2000 - 2011 Year 2011

Science and Technology 2. Alexander Zakharov 3. Matthew Robert

Humanities 3. Ria Doherty 3. Tala Ram (Fritt Ord)


2. Sophie Rae

3. Louise Heavey

2009 2008

2. Kirsten Peacock 3. Mateen Ram (Fritt Ord) 2. Rebecca Freeman 3. Eirill Søiland * Sibel Arnes 2. Emma Svanberg * Adam Abdelmalek

3. Elizabeth Østebø * Linnea Riedel


2. Astri Søiland 3. Miriam Langseth

3. Jacqueline Tawse


1. Shilpa Narula


2. Sandra Nussbaum * Ravi Vissapragada

1. Ronald Pool 2. Victor Shammas 2. Jill Rae 3. Maryana Kjetland * Charlotte Thorstvedt


* Tomas Tuominen


3. Gøran Nilsen * Annette Sharp


2001 2000

2. Caroline Larsen 3. Stephan Guderian

3. Nina Ramdat * Lars Mariero

* Christina Swan 3. Katrine Sharp

Note: * = participant (exhibition) prize awarded to national finalists

* Marianne Shammas

Young Forskere 2000-2011  


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