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WELCOME to the International School of Stavanger NEWCOMER INFORMATION 2012-2013

This booklet contains information on the school and also some information on Stavanger and living in Norway in general. It is meant for newcomers to ISS in order to help them find their way in a new country. Please do not hesitate to contact any Parent Association Board member if you need information you cannot find in this booklet. The Parent Association volunteers from various sources compiled this information. Please bear in mind that while we do our best to provide correct information, we cannot guarantee everything in this booklet. We are always open to suggestions and hope that you can help us keep it current. We hope you find it useful.

Table of contents ISS Parent Association Board Members 2012-2013 ISS Board of Trustees The Kiosk IFG – SWEC – YEPA Shopping Shopping Hours School Supplies Shopping Centers Food Shopping Where to find English books. Apotek Needs/Medical Terms Common Measurement Conversions Stavanger Chamber of Commerce Pre-schools in Stavanger Useful Web Sites &Information Important Telephone Numbers Culture Shock


Welcome On behalf of the International School of Stavanger’s Parent Association, we would like to welcome you to ISS, Stavanger and Norway. You’ve come to a friendly and welcoming school offering a wonderful education for your children as well as a nice place for you to make new friends. The Parent Association (PA) provides support to the school by means of events, projects, programs and donations. All parents of the students attending ISS are automatic members (there is no membership fee). The PA Board is a group that meets every month and we organise a number of activities. We also help to find parent(s) room representatives, organise welcome coffees and the Leisure and Activity Fair. We help at the middle school BBQ and dances, organise the book orders, the reading incentives, run the kiosk, organise Santa pictures in December and High School Graduation in June, just to name a few. At a number of events we charge an entry fee or sell tickets. The proceeds are used to fund all our activities. We keep you informed through the newsletter of the school, The Informer, which is also published on the ISS website (, click ‘news’) and you can check our PA web page at this website (click ‘parents’). An information board is located in the lobby. We have two general meetings during the school year, in September and April. ALL PARENTS are very welcome to join us at these meetings. We know there are so many talented people connected to the school, and we are delighted when parents are keen to help out. There are many ways to become involved. In the information you receive at the beginning of the school year you will find a Parent Volunteer Information sheet, which can be used to sign up as a volunteer, or you can contact one of our Parent Association Members who will be happy to help find the right job for you! We welcome your involvement and we encourage your ideas, suggestions and participation. You can leave a note at the Kiosk. We look forward to meeting you! On behalf of the ISS Parent Association.


ISS Parent Association 2012-2013 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Primary School Liason Middle School Liason High School Liason Kiosk Supplies Kiosk Volunteers Kiosk Merchandise Faculty Appreciation Volunteer Coordinator Book Orders Reading Incentive

Publicity Athletics Liason International Festival Welcome & Hospitality Committee

Social Events

Erin Moore-Mian Mary Holmes Ronda Devins Shahnaz Sultani Carrie Bucki Andrea Horstmann Sue Zientek (Seeking a Replacement – please email us if you are interested) Andrea Horstmann Nicole Dubois Francesca Pace Jennifer Horan Currently Vacant – please email us if you are interested Shauna Beard Francesca Pace Gena Dibowitz Stephanie Waldon Kim Cutter (Photography) We are still seeking an individual to look after marketing, communications and webpage maintenance – please email us if you are interested. Currently Vacant – please email us if you are interested Nicole Dubois Charlotte Smit-Veeger Wyntsje Bonekamp Vlatka Duric Kathleen Henderson Karen Smith Anne-Marie Clarke

If you are interested in helping in any of these areas please contact: Erin Moore-­‐Mian  at   or   Mary  Holmes  at  


ISS Board of Trustees

ISS’s Board of Trustees is composed of the voting members listed below, and the Director, who is a nonvoting member.

ISS BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2011 – 2012 Mr. Tor Ole Minsaas Dr. Linda Duevel Mr. David Forbes Mr. Garry Hargreaves Ms. Gro Kielland Mr. Jean-Paul Koninx (Parent-Elect Representative) Larsen, Åshild Hanne Eric Nelson Hans-Christian Næss (Faculty Representative) School Representatives to the ISS Board of Trustees Mr. Gareth Jones Ms. Carol Wallace Dr. Len Duevel The Board’s Objectives are: § § § § § § §

To provide for the financial needs of ISS To develop the policies by which ISS is administered To promote good public relations for ISS To provide counsel and support for ISS’s Director To continue to place the day-to-day operational responsibility and accountability in hands of the Director To support ISS's mission, philosophies, and objectives To ensure the institution's long term viability


The Kiosk The Kiosk is open on school days from 8:15 to 15:30 and conveniently located in the lobby of ISS near the Lovelace Theatre. Whoever is working will be happy to meet you and answer general questions. The PA operates the kiosk, where parents, staff & faculty, and students can buy school supplies and drinks, as well as turn items in to/claim items from Lost & Found and turn in book orders. The kiosk is staffed with volunteers who work a 2-hour shift once a week. It’s an easy job and it gives you the opportunity to be at school and see what’s going on. Please contact Nicole Dubois if you would like to volunteer. . Most of the common school supplies are stocked at the kiosk, and we try to keep items in stock at all times. We are very conscientious about the prices we charge and try our best to give our students and families a fair deal. The following drinks are sold: BonAqua (bottled still water) BonAqua (bottled sparkling water) Juice boxes (orange, apple, orange/strawberry) Bottled carbonated drinks (Coke, Coke Light, Sprite, Pepsi, etc.) Coffee, Tea, Hot Choc.

NOK 10 NOK 15 NOK 10 NOK 15 NOK 10

Parents, staff & faculty, and High School students may buy any type of drink anytime. All students may buy water or fruit juice anytime. Middle School students may buy carbonated drinks after school, but not before school or during the day. Primary School students may not buy carbonated drinks anytime (even after school). The Lost & Found is also at the kiosk. When an item is turned in, the kiosk volunteer checks it for a name. If there is a name, the child will receive an orange slip that tells him to claim his/her item. If there is no name, the item will be held in the kiosk. Parents can help by putting their child’s name on all items that go to school (jackets, boots, mittens, hats, scarves, lunch boxes, etc.). Two or three times a year, all of the Lost & Found items are put on tables in front of the kiosk for parents and students to check for anything that may belong to them. After a week, the items are donated to a local charity called Fretex. The kiosk also sells ‘Spirit Wear’ which are items with the ISS logo on it such as coffee mugs, tote bags, tshirts and sweatshirts. This is a great way to identify with the school and show some school spirit. Go Vikings! Please remember that the Kiosk may be closed if there are no volunteers for that shift. Thank you for your continued support of the kiosk. The welcome and hospitality committee New in town? Overwhelmed and underconnected? Have been in Stavanger for a while and would like to meet new people? A social butterfly? Hello there! We are the ISS welcome and hospitality committee! We organise coffee mornings for new comers in the ISS cafeteria on the last Tuesday of every month with special focus on the start of the summer and winter semesters of the school year. Say hello to old friends, meet new ones, learn about the local community and ask questions about Stavanger and Norway. We also organise the annual Leisure and Information Fair and generally try to facilitate your welcome. Please let us know if you wish to be involved or just come along to a coffee morning for a friendly chat about the weather! We are Charlotte Smit-Veeger, Wyntsje Bonekamp and Vlatka Duric. Please contact us on


IFG – SWEC – YEPA Dear Parents, Our students are learning to recycle almost everything. All primary classrooms recycle paper, plastic, metal foil, glass, milk and juice cartons and food waste. Containers for paper and plastic are in place in all hallways and workrooms. The cafeteria has its own set of containers for the collection of paper, plastic, cartons, food waste and liquid waste. The International Friendship Group (IFG) has set up containers to collect empty soft drinks bottles and cans, used stamps and telephone cards, used spectacles and used ink cartridges. All of these benefit various charities. In keeping with our ‘no unnecessary waste’ philosophy all students are encouraged to bring snacks and lunches in reusable containers instead of plastic wrap, plastic bags, aluminum foil or paper. In addition, many foods are sold in plastic containers which can be utilized for this purpose. Please help us to cut down on waste by adding ‘reusable containers for snacks and lunches’ to your supply list. Finally, there are three active student groups in ISS. Each is concerned with global issues relating to human and animal life and the environment. If you or your children are interested in learning more about these groups please refer to the IFG-SWEC-YEPA enclosure or contact me directly. Yours sincerely, Christine Kemp At ISS there are three active student groups which are concerned with global issues relating to human and animal life and the environment. th

The idea for the International Friendship Group (IFG) came in 1992 from a 10 grade student (Kirsty Kemp) who wanted to encourage school support for deserving causes both overseas and locally. The main aim of this group is to raise awareness of different needs and problems, both locally and overseas, and then to do something constructive about them. th th IFG is open to students in 9 – 12 grades. rd


The primary group Show We Care (SWEC), open to students in 3 – 5 grades, was formed in the spring of 2001 when ISS started the process of becoming a Miljøfyrtårn (green) school. These children wanted to do something to help children, families, animals and the environment. The middle school group Youth for the Environment, Families and Animals (YEPA) was formed in September 2003. IFG, SWEC and YEPA each have a weekly lunch time meeting throughout the school year. This is when ideas are put forward for discussion and when plans are made for forthcoming events. The students are encouraged to think of different kinds of events and projects which fulfill the groups’ aims. Some charities are supported regularly: students may recommend others. An effort is made to ensure that events and projects are based on recycling, individual effort, compassion for the sick and needy, giving pleasure, helping the community and student initiative.


SHOPPING Shopping Hours Most shopping centres open at 10h00 (some supermarkets at 9h00) and most close at 20h00 on weekdays. Nearly everything is closed on Sundays, except some 24 hour petrol/gas stations where you can buy a limited range of dairy produce, snacks and other similar items. On Saturdays, all shops tend to close one hour earlier than on weekdays. Thursday evenings are “shopping nights” when even small shops keep longer hours. School Supplies ISS kiosk - has most basic school supplies plus sweatshirts, combination locks, music supplies. As well as supermarkets for general school items, other places include: Staples (at Forus, opposite Living) – specialises in school & office supplies Lithografen - (Sjøhagen 11, between Hillevåg & Mariero) – school & office supplies Combination locks - Clas Ohlson (Kvadrat, Madla, Kilden) & Coop Bygg in Mariero & Madla AMFI Raincoats/rain trousers - Coop Obs! (Mariero) & Europris (eg. opposite ISS & Hundvåg etc.) plus many sports equipment stores such as XXL (Forus), Intersport (Madla & Kilden), Olly Sport (opp.Kilden) Other music supplies – 4Sound (Kvadrat & town centre near to the Sølvberggata cinema/library Art and Craft supplies Kontant Engros (Langflåtveien 33, at Mariero) – paper & cardstock, art & craft supplies, some fabrics, scrapbooking, party bags Kreation & Loisir (Kvadrat) – fabrics, stichcraft supplies Panduro (Kvadrat) – craft supplies Ullform – felting supplies, raw wool Shopping Centres Stavanger Storsenter (steen & strøm) on 3 locations in the city centre: 1. Arkaden, located on Klubbgaten 2. Domkirkeplassen located on Domkirkeplassen 3. Torgterrassen, located on Kirkegaten Opening hours : Mon-Fri 10h-20h, Sat 10h-17h Madla AMFI, Mon-Fri 10h-20h, Sat 10h-18h Sandnes AMFI, Mon-Fri 10h-20h, Sat 10h-17h Kvadrat (steen & strøm) apparently the largest shopping centre in Norway, off the E39 towards Sandnes Mon-Fri 10h-20h, Sat 10h-18h Magasin Blå, (Verksgata 2 : adjacent to Jorenholmen multi-storey parking in the centre, close to the Ferry terminal & opposite Idsøe butcher) Mon-Fri 10h-20h, Sat 10h-18h Kilden, (at Hillevåg, between Hillevågsveien & Gartnerveien) Mon-Fri 10h-20h, Sat 10h-18h Free parking for a few hours but you must take a ‘free ticket’ to show time of arrival. Viking Stadium Shopping Centre (off the RV44) – again there is a ‘free ticket’ system (2hrs free weekdays & 3hrs on weekends) but you must also park in the correctly allocated spaces as some are privately owned. Go underneath the shops to park. Supermarkets, sportswear, giftshops etc. Food Shopping Food shopping for groceries is usually a crash course in getting to know your new country. With the exception of a few very large supermarkets, most stores are more modest in size yet still stock a good range. They are well distributed throughout neighbourhoods thus avoiding tedious travelling. Coop Obs! (Mariero & Kvadrat) – very large stores selling food, clothing, toys, household goods etc. Helgø Meny (various including Mariero, Eiganes, Viking Stadium) supermarket with wide variety of international products: N.African/Asian spices, condiments, Italian pastas & many types of bread.


Madla Handelslag, Madlatorget, Hafrsfjord is a co-operative which you may join and receive 5% cash refund on your purchases at the end of the year. ICA Middlethon (Tasta, Gausel & Kilden) often stocks American products, Kilden branch sometimes has Branston or Wellingtons chutney and Tasta often has UK Xmas mincemeat. Branches have good selection of condiments plus nori and rice sheets. Rema 1000 supermarket (various places) has a basic range at reasonable prices but is beginning to increase its product base (eg olive bread, tapas, sushi platters) Rimi supermarket (eg. Madlaveien at school junction) has a basic range plus some imported items. Idsøe’s, well known butcher (Verksgata 3) famous for its speciality sausages. Pedersgata/Bergelandsgata area around the red church in Stavanger centre is home to many family-run international grocery stores catering to many cuisines. Visit all corners of the world as you find extensive collections of dried and fresh spices at the Asian grocer; filo pastry, PG tips teabags and Turkish delight at the Turkish grocer; dried forest mushrooms at the Polish store etc. Chinese grocer (Kvadrat basement) with wide range of sauces, noodles, spices, spring rolls etc. Grønnsaker (behind the Coop Obs at Mariero) is a family-run greengrocer stocking many locallygrown lines, and more unusual vegetables eg. beetroot, parsnips. Local produce can also be bought from the market stallholders beside the Domkirke. During the summer and autumn months many farms sell produce direct from their gate using an honesty box system for you to leave your coins. A drive through the countryside especially towards Randaberg/Rennesoy will easily be rewarded with freshly picked salad crops and potatoes. Økologiske Dagligvarer at Uglandhaugveien 150 (nr Viking Farm) supplies organic plus gluten and lactose free products etc. including vegetables, pulses, flour, cereal, beauty products. Mon-Fri 11h-17h, Thurs 11h-19h, Sat 10h-15h Håpet Økologiske – 51 82 82 51, supply organic vegetable boxes Jakobs Bakeri, (Haugesundsgata 7, Storhaug, nr the town bridge) – organic breads and pastries. Longer hours The Brustad Bakery (junction of Uglandhaugveien & Henrik Ibsensgate) opens on a Sunday. Kiwi supermarket (on Auglendsveien) is open very early in the morning and stays open until 23h00 weekdays although closes earlier on Saturdays. Also stocks Cathedral City cheddar cheese. Shops often close early or for several days during traditional holidays such as Easter, but beware also Christmas, New Year and Pentecost. Check with local stores and keep reserves in the freezer. Food translation list under the PWC’s “What’s cooking” section, Miscellaneous Shopping: Coop Bygg og Bo (Randaberg, Madla, Sola, Sandnes, Bryne) stocks DIY, house, garden, leisure items. IKEA, Grenseveien 2, Sandnes, open Mon-Fri 10-22, Sat 10-20 Elkjøp is a large electrical shop: computers, TV, Hi-fi, kitchen appliances Books in English and other Languages The Stavanger Public library is in the Kulturhus in Stavanger city centre. (You will also find the cinema there). The library does have books in some languages other than Norwegian and also loans artwork and albums/CDs etc. There is another library in Madla AMFI upstairs next to Elixia.

Sandnes and Sola Culture Houses (Kulturhus) have their own separate libraries with sections in languages other than Norwegian eg. English, Spanish, German. As a parent, you can borrow books and DVDs at the ISS library. The French Institute (Løkkeveien 52) has a selection of books and DVDs in French. Newspapers and magazines can be found at Narvesen. One is near the Stavanger kulturhus in the centre of town. Ark Berge, a bookshop at the corner of Prostebakken and Skagen (Stavanger centre and Kvadrat) has a wide variety of English, French and German books. Norli bookshop (Nygata 4-6) (Stavanger centre) has a wide variety of English books and sells stationery. Kvadrat and Madla AMFI have bookstores with an English section. Fretex (at Mariero) have a very large number of second hand English books from popular romance and thrillers to Penguin/Faber classics . (Other branches do not seem to stock the foreign language books). Recycling/Charity Shops Stavanger Kids’ Sale is a bi-annual event held at Madla Bydelhus (village hall) similar to the UK NCT sales. Items sold are subject to a small commission. Proceeds belong to the seller. Fretex (Langflåtveien Mariero & Sandnes etc) is a charitable organization that may accept donations of anything!! (Clothes, books, household items, toys, sportswear, furniture etc.) Stavanger expats website explains the different waste collection/recycling facilities available: Deposit bottle/can scheme (Cola, beer etc) PANT bottles (worth 2,50 NOK) and cans (1 NOK) should be returned to a store which sells that line. When making the original purchase, your receipt will show the price of the juice plus the additional amount of the deposit (PANT) paid which will be refunded when you recycle. Place the empties into the in-store machine and receive a voucher to spend against the cost of groceries. (Containers where a returnable deposit has been paid have a pant symbol on them). Note: ISS Parent Association is not promoting any of the companies listed in the shopping section. Those listed are intended only to give newcomers a helpful starting point. THE PHARMACY (APOTEK) Note: Always ask a pharmacist or doctor for advice on medical issues. Anti-acids: Link is available in two forms and in two strengths. Antiseptics: Pyrisept is good, non-stinging and available in tubes or liquid. Gronnsape is an excellent disinfectant and antiseptic for external use only. Coughs: Noskapin is for dry coughs. Solvipect & Bisolvon is for wet coughs. Eyes: Oculac Lice: Proderm Motion Sickness: Marzine or Postafen ( No children under 12)

Mouth Washes: Many are available at both grocery stores and the pharmacy. Hydrogen Peroxide, and liquid fluoride are only available at the pharmacy. Fluoride tablets are available in 4 different strengths, and a liquid for the very youngest. Nose drops: Otrivin and Rhinox Sore Throats: Repsils Pain Relievers: Dispril is an effervescent aspirin, Paracet non-aspirin pain relievers. For Ibuprofen Ibux. Pin Worm: Vermox Skin: Vitapan is wonderful for dry skin, containing several vitamins. For eczema use Hydrokortison and for itching there is either Eurax or Xylocain which is stronger. Silulen for diaper rash contains zinc oxide and is excellent for any skin which needs protection. Aselli is also great for diaper rash or troubled skin and contains cod liver oil. Stomach: Dumovital, Metamucil, Duphalac are all available for constipation. For diarrhea use Imodium for adults and older children 12 years or older and Kull for younger children. ( Kull can also be used for Food Poision). Idoform are regulating chewable tablets, and are great when traveling. Teeth: Dentinox Vitamins: Sana-Sol and Biovit are both popular liquid, sugarfree vitamins available at both the grocery store and pharmacy. Note: The only pharmacy with long hours in Stavanger is Love Apotek located downtown on Olav V’s gate, next to the Vinmonopolet, and across from the train station parking lot. They are open every day from 9:00am until 11:00pm (9-23) Body Temperature Chart 97.0 F 36.2 C

98.6 F 37.0 C

99.0 F 37.2 C

100.0 F 37.8 C

101.0 F 38.3 C

Conversion: F = C x 9/5) + 32 C = (F-32) x 5/9



102.0 F 38.8 C

103.0 F 39.4 C

104.0 F 40.0 C



Common Measurement Conversions Temperature 350F 375F 400F 425F 450F

180C 190C 200C 220C 230C

Volume 1 milliliter 5 ml 15 ml 30 ml 100 ml 240 ml 1 liter 1 liter 1 liter 1 liter 1 liter

1/5 teaspoon 1 teaspoon 1 tablespoon 1 fluid oz. 3.4 fluid oz. 1 cup 34 fluid oz. 4.2 cups 2.1 pints 1.06 quarts 0.26 gallon



apples- epler

artichokes- artisjokker

bananas- banaer

beans- bonner

blackberries- bjornebaer

carrots- gulrotter

blueberries- blabear

corn- mais

grapes- druer

cucumbers- agurk


garlic- hvitlok


lettuce- salat


onion- lok

pears- paerer

peas- erter

plums- plommer

potatoes- poteter

rasberries- bringebaer

pumpkin- gresskar

stawberries- jordbaer

tomato- tomat

Food Continued: Pork- Svin Ham- Skinke Beef- Storfekjott Turkey- Kalkun Chicken- Kylling Pork Chops- Svinekoteletter Steak- Biff Hot Dogs- polser Veal-Kalv Salmon- Laks Cod- Torsk Trout- orret Lamb- lam moose-elg reindeer-reinsdyr ______________________________________________________________ New in Rogaland Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a Service Center that will assist new employees and their families settling in the region. At a cost, they offer an Orientation program for newcomers, workshops for spouses applying for work, individual counselling, a helpline for questions, monthly news in English, relaxed coffee mornings with programs related to Stavanger and an arena for networking and social events. They cooperate with schools, real estate companies, officials and spouse clubs to make moving as smooth as possible. Moving to Rogaland should be simple, safe and an adventure. According to United Nations Human Development Index 2005, “Norway is the best place to live in the world�. They will try to tell you why! The Expat Service Center is located in Rosenkildehuset, ground floor. Address: Rosenkildehuset, Nedre Strandgt 11 A, Stavanger. Phone: 51 51 08 83, Fax: 51 51 08 81, E-mail: Click on Ny in Rogaland for information in English Contact via the internet on Pre-Schools Stavanger British International School of Stavanger (preschool), Gauselbakken 107, 4032 Stavanger

51 95 02 50 The Childrens House Asenvein 100, 4050 Sola

51 65 16 96 / International School of Stavanger 5155 43 00 Treskeveien 3, 4043 Hafrsfjord Note: There is often a waiting list at these schools so sign up as soon as possible. You may find playgroups by checking with other families with children of similar ages to yours.

Useful Web Sites The official tourist home page Google map of the Stavanger

Stavanger-Web is a privately owned and driven website with useful info Of note, clicking on Tourist Info gives you a link to a list of local restaurants. Information about the Lyse fjord area Stavanger maps & information can be found on Stavanger-Guide A virtual walk in Stavanger Weather Have you just moved to Stavanger? Check out Stavanger resources Courtesy of International School of Stavanger (ISS) – Infomation about the school, including The Informer, our monthly newsletter, in English. Director – Dr. Linda Deuvel Primary School Principal – Dr. Len Duevel Middle School Principal – MS. Carol Wallace High School Principal- Mr.Gareth Jones The 2012-2013 school calendar is on the ISS website. If you click on Calendars, then Whole School, you can see almost everything for the entire year – school field trips, PA events, school dances, sporting events, teacher work days, exams etc. It is a very reliable and necessary tool to have and use and one worth printing out. ISS Parent Association – Can help answer questions about the school and help get you settled. Destination Stavanger – Information about Stavanger, including What’s On for each month, English and Norwegian. Petroleum Wives Club, now known as, People Who Connect, PWC – Information about the organization and its activites, English and Norwegian. They organize weekly hikes, mah jong, outings, luncheons, coffee mornings. A very good place to socialize and make new friends. Stavanger Museum – Information about some of Stavanger’s Museums, English and Norwegian Posten Norge – Norwegian postal services, Norwegian. MultiMap – Helpful in finding various places around Stavanger, English. Expat Service Center – Chamber of Commerce. An excellent service to expats in Stavanger. Coffee mornings, outings and advice. Kino1 – The local cinema in Stavanger & Sandnes. Between them they have almost 2000 seats. You can see what’s playing or purchase tickets at (It’s all in Norwegian & kjøp billetter mean purchase tickets)

Important Telephone Numbers FIRE (Brann) 110 POLICE (Politi) 112 AMBULANCE (Medisinisk Nødhjelp) 113

NON –Emergency: 02800

24 HOUR CLINIC (Legevakt) (medical emergency after hours/weekends/holidays) Tananger/Randaberg/Sola 51 56 14 00 Sandnes 51 66 21 09 Stavanger 51 51 02 02 FORUSAKUTTEN- private medical centre in the centre of Stavanger and in Forus Many languages spoken including Norwegian and English Opening hours Forus: Monday to Friday 0800-2000 Stavanger: Monday to Friday 0800-1600 Drop-in clinic in Stavanger on Saturdays 1100-1600 Telephone 51 70 94 94 HELSESERVICE NORWAY: private medical clinic located in Gausel, near Forus. Primary Care Physician/Pediatritian: Dr. Lakis Papartemis Languages Spoken: English/Norwegian/Greek Opening Hours: Call for details Address: Heiamyrå 2, 4033 Stavanger Telephone: 51 81 06 00 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF STAVANGER PRIMARY SCHOOL OFFICE MIDDLE SCHOOL OFFICE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE ATTENDANCE LINE to notify when absent

51 55 43 00 51 55 43 23 51 55 43 11 51 55 43 43 51 55 43 03

British School French School The Children’s House

51 57 55 99 51 58 00 82 51 65 16 96

Apotek (Pharmacy) Lovapotek, Olav V Gate 11 Open 7 days a week, 9a.m.-11p.m.

51 91 08 80

Dentists: Listed under Tannleger in the Telephone Directory Emergency: Tannlegevakten, Peder Klows g. 27, 4010 Stavanger Saturday-Sunday-Holidays 1-5 pm Doctors: Listed under Leger in the Telephone Directory Language Courses Stavanger English Language Centre The French Cultural Centre Johannes VO Senter Electrical Problems: Stavanger, including Randaberg Malfunctions Sola Malfunctions Sandnes Library-Stavanger Poison Control Phone Information for Norway International

51 52 33 44

51 53 66 51 51 53 08 44 51 93 96 99 51 88 69 05 51 88 67 50 51 41 41 00 51 65 02 39 51 68 25 90 51 50 74 65 22 59 13 00 1881 1882

Taxi(drosjer): Randaberg Sandnes Sola Stavanger Central

51 41 73 11 51 66 16 00 51 65 04 44 51 90 90 90

Churches: Stavanger International Anglican-Episcopal Baptist, North Sea Catholic, St. Svithun’s Church of Christ Mormon

51 56 48 43 51 55 67 12 51 65 60 09 51 52 55 34 51 88 35 19 51 58 99 77

Expatriates! Moving to another country can be very exciting but also filled with millions of practical considerations and hard work not to mention culture shock! There are many useful resources that can help. Here are a few books: Raising global nomads by Robin Pascoe Thirds Culture Kids- Growing up among worlds by David C. Pollock and Ruth E. van Reeken A broad abroad- The expat wife’s guide to successful living abroad by Robin Pascoe Some useful websites But most of all, talk to your fellow expatriates. We are all going through similar experiences and can offer each other support, information and guidance.

This handbook has been compiled and updated by volunteer members of the PA and others from the ISS community. We rely on volunteers to help us keep the information in this handbook current and relevant. If you know something that would be useful to add to this handbook, please contact us. We are more than happy to receive new information that could be of help or interest to someone else in the ISS community.

Pa welcome book 2012 13  

PA Welcome Book

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