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SUPPLY LIST FOR ISS MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS 2013 - 2014 The following list is not intended to be too detailed but should give students and parents a rough guideline to the sort of materials and equipment which would be appropriate for their student. General supplies 1. A lock for your locker. We advise students to supply their own combination locks, available at local hardware stores or the school kiosk. 2. Ring binders - four large ones with dividers or several small ones. 3. Blocks of lined writing paper. 4. Graph paper, particularly for Science and Mathematics classes (Gr. 7 to 8). 5. Pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, pens (red, black, blue), highlighters and ruler. 6. A set of coloured pencils, glue sticks and scissors to be restocked throughout the year. 7. USB Flash Drive/memory stick. 8. Access to printer at home. 9. Headphones. Grade 6 Two hard covered lined journals (Bl책 Protokoll, A4 linjert) for Language Arts and Social Studies, spiral notebook. 1 stapled A4 notebook w/lines and margin, 48 pages for Native Norwegian. 2 checked line 2 hole assignment books and geometry kit with protractor and compass for Math. Grade 7 One hard covered lined journal (Bl책 Protokoll, A4 linjert) which will be used for both Language Arts and Social Studies. 1 stapled A4 notebook w/lines and margin, 24 pages for Native Norwegian. Protractor. Grade 8 One A5 hardback journal with lines for Language Arts. One stapled A4 notebook w/lines and margin (24 pages) for Native Norwegian. A4 spiral notebook with graph or lined paper and a miniature stapler for Mathematics. Scientific calculator. Ring binder and protractor for Science. Design &Technology: A Black fineliner ink pen.


Equipment for special classes 1. Physical Education: School T-shirt (purchased from kiosk); shorts; socks; cross training athletic shoes (non-marking soles), a track suit or sweats for outdoors, shin guards. Shower supplies to include towel, soap and deodorant. Shampoo optional. Gym bag to carry clothes. 2. Music: Instrument, only if owned. For concerts: black trousers/skirts, white button down shirt (boys), tie (if possible), white blouse (girl), shoes (no athletic shoes). 3. Art: A4 sized sketchbook (blank pages) with spiral binding. 4. French: French/English – English/French dictionary required for all levels (Oxford Student Dictionary is recommended), stapled A4 notebook w/lines and margin, 48 pages. 5. Spanish: Spanish/English – English/Spanish dictionary. 6. Norwegian as a Foreign Language: Norwegian/English – English/Norwegian dictionary, folder with elastic band. 7. English as an Additional Language: Bilingual dictionary, small notebook for vocabulary.

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