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Published by ISS as a Community Newsletter 14 December 2017 - Volume XXXXII - No3 2017/18

The Informer

Not a dry eye in the audience at the Winter Concert

From the Director

From the Director As we head towards the holiday, we have had the opportunity to witness a whole child and inclusive approach, fostering student participation and encouraging new challenges through our Orchestra, Band and Choir Concerts.

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Director: Mr. Gareth Jones High School Principal: Mr. Kevin Gilmore Middle School Pricipal: Ms. Carol Wallace Early Childhood & Primary School Principal: Ms. Jill Raven Business Manager: Ms. Anca Fanatean IB Coordinator: Ms. Lynn Park High School Counselor: Dr. Michelle Rath Middle School Counselor: Mr. Matt Armstrong Primary School Counselor: Dr. Jack Raven School Nurse: Ms. Heather Melhus The ISS Vision Statement Inspire a community of responsible, globallyengaged, empowered learners. The ISS Mission Statement ISS provides an internationally-accredited, engaging and challenging English-language education in a supportive, multi-cultural environment where students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our Values Learning, Well-being, Community. The International School of Stavanger (ISS), founded in 1966, is an independent, non-profit Norwegian foundation accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. The school enrolls students from ages 3 through 18. ISS offers an international university preparatory curriculum that combines the best features of many national educational systems. Both the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education external examinations are available to students. In 2017, the school has an enrollment of nearly 550 students who represent about 50 nationalities, including students from six of the earth’s seven continents.


The INFORMER 14 December 2017

These performances, like so many other activities that have taken place over the first semester, represent the culmination of a great deal of hard work and engagement by both students and teachers, not only to demonstrate individual skill and progression, but also an opportunity to create something collaboratively with a degree of unity within diversity. In the last issue of the Informer for this calendar year I would also like to take the opportunity to wish all members of our community a safe, happy and healthy holiday. We are in the process of saying good-bye to only a few of our students and parents who are transferring out of Norway in December. We thank those families who are leaving, for sharing their precious children with the school, and we wish you all the best in the future. In recent weeks we have received a good number of new students to our community and we look forward to helping them settle into ISS, Stavanger and Norway. Transition is very much part and parcel of International School life around the globe, and as we come to the end of the calendar year I have been working with my leadership team and our board committees (Learning, Well-being, Community, Infrastructure & Resources, Governance & Leadership and Strategic Planning), updating both our strategic and operational needs as we look forward to the coming five year period. These processes are creative, nourishing and challenging, as we seek to ensure that we are ‘Vision-led’, Mission- and Value-driven, from both an educational and organisational perspective. As we progress through the 2017-2018 academic year, April will bring to a conclusion our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme re-authorisation self-study and provide a template and direction for the coming five year cycle.

News about Health, Security, Safety

and the Environment

Bedriftshelsetjenesten Earlier last month, the annual safety walk together with Bedriftshelsetjenesten took place and produced a positive external audit. As a school, we always welcome external checks and evaluations, and we are currently working on addressing the few areas highlighted by Bedriftshelsetjenesten.

The 2018-2019 academic year will also herald the beginning of the five year NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) re-accreditation process. There are a number of benefits associated with the award of accreditation to a school, but the main aim of this evaluation program is to provide an opportunity to improve the quality of the learning and education offered at the school through a rigorous process of self-examination followed by an objective external appraisal by a team of peers, focusing on student learning and well-being. As we look at the opportunities ahead, I reflect on the need to ensure that we have the organisational structures in place that will ensure the continued long term focus, implementation and update of our strategic and operational planning as well as the opportunity to focus on leaning principles through the NEASC five year re-accreditation process. In this regard, I have informed my board chair of my intention to step down as Director of ISS at the end of this academic year. Mr Kevin Gilmore our High School Principal has also indicated that he will step down from his position at the end of this academic year, in order to provide ISS the greatest opportunity and flexibility to develop our organisational structure as we transition towards the next stage of our development. The Governance and Leadership Committee of the Board formally has the overall responsibility for the stewardship of processes such as these and they will be seeking to share further information with you about this process in the New Year. As I reflect on the collaborative support for ISS from so many members of our community (students, parents, board members and employees), I am struck with a feeling of gratitude; gratitude for the opportunities that ISS has provided me, and for so many others over the years. It reminded me of the sentiment contained in an e-mail that was sent to me earlier this year from a former student who wrote the following:

Dear International School of Stavanger, teachers, directors, people of ISS, Two years is not a lot in a life and yet, I lived my best life experience during these two years at ISS! …… With a poor knowledge of the world and English, I was enthusiastic to meet this world so strange for me! I will always remember my first day at ISS. The day where I signed to meet the real world! So I started in your school. It was hard for me, especially to learn English and to work in an environment with a second language as a first language. But fortunately, I was accompanied by a great team of teachers and educators. During these two last years, I have discovered a world where community and work are one, where learning is a continuous adventure, where people are all different but can live as one, united, peaceful community. Where teachers are passionate about their jobs and succeed to transmit their passion to students. … I would like to thank all of the teachers, educators and people of ISS who allowed me to have a wonderful experience………... Thanks a lot!


Thank you Léandre; your willingness to share your thoughts of gratitude is a lesson to us all. Have a wonderful holiday! . With kind regards,

Gareth L Jones (B.Ed Hons, MBA) Director International School of Stavanger email:

Speed and Car Parking

Seat Belts

One of our on-going requests, but one that is important to keep communicating is the need reduce your speed and pay greater attention to safety as you come into the drop off and parking areas around campus.

For the past few years now, we have instituted regular seatbelt checks on our buses at the end of the day. We have also worked with the bus company and the drivers to ensure as far as possible that students and parents are wearing their seatbelts when travelling on our school buses. The principals are also reminding students of the importance of wearing their seat belts. Can I please ask parents to also have a conversation with their child/children in regard to wearing seatbelts at all times. A reminder when they set off in the morning to catch the bus would be particularly helpful.

Whilst we understand that you do not want your child to be late for school and that you do not want to be late for work, safety is our main focus and we would not wish any of our community members to be hurt or injured in this area.

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


The Counselors’ Corner

THANK YOU to all of our 12th graders who have worked diligently to complete their university applications to the UK, US, and Canada by the ISS deadline of November 15, 2017. It has been an incredibly hectic time of year for seniors given the IB workload coupled with numerous college applications - we sincerely applaud your efforts. Please note that for any applications not yet finished we can no longer guarantee processing and mailing before the holidays. We would like to congratulate those students for whom we have already submitted UCAS applications – all of them have already received conditional offers from universities including: University of Brunel University of Bristol University of Edinburgh University of Lincoln University of Oxford Brookes University of Exeter University of Manchester University of Newcastle

University Visits This fall we have had visits from universities in various parts of the world anxious to recruit international students. We have had: Aberystwyth (UK), University of British Columbia (Canada) and the American University in Rome visit, some of which gave presentations to Grade 12 students during Senior Seminar. Twenty one colleges and universities participated in a large College Fair on October 31 in the high school basement. We strongly encourage all high school students to attend these visits to talk to university representatives to find out more about the opportunities and programmes available to them in further education. There are more universities that are scheduled to visit in 2018 - check the Daily Report for updates.

To all students who took the PSAT this fall The PSAT results will arrive shortly and we will let you know when they are here! Please set up an appointment with Ms. Rath in order to collect your test score and exam booklet in the high school office. Since the PSAT provides a predictive measure of future performance on the SAT, you can use feedback on your test performance to create an individualized study plan for the SAT. Once you have your results, see the following link for more information profdownload/sample-psat-nmsqt-student-score-report.pdf 4

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Notice to all eleventh grade students and their parents If you are planning to apply to a US or Canadian College/ University it is strongly recommended that you take your first ACT and/or SAT Reasoning Test during the spring semester. Please consult with Ms. Rath in order to determine the test of best fit. Senior year is stressful enough – you do not need to add on additional standardized exams to your workload! Please check the registration deadlines for international students and make sure you register online prior to the deadline to avoid any late fees. A new SAT test date of March 10 for an additional opportunity for ISS students. Also be sure to check if the College/University you are planning to apply to requires the SAT II Subject Tests. If these are required then it is recommended that you take these during the fall semester of your senior year. The SAT Subject Tests may not be taken on the same date as the SAT Reasoning Test. We will discuss these exams in more detail at the SOAR sessions, which will begin after the winter break. For those of you who have begun studying or have already registered for the exams – well done! You are well on your way. To register online for the SAT that will be offered here at ISS on March 10 or May 5, 2018, go to www.collegeboard. com. The registration deadline is February 9 and April 6, 2018 respectively. To register online for upcoming ACT and/or SAT exams that will be given here at ISS in 2018-2019 go to www. and to register. Dates will be determined early in the new year. Please note: Spaces for these exams fill up very quickly. It is recommended that you sign up as soon as possible to ensure that you will be able to take the examinations at ISS. SOAR is held during block 8 every other Monday (grade 10) every other Tuesday block 9 (grade 11) and every other block 9 Fridays (grade 12) and will be starting again beginning January 9, 2018. We will be covering topics such as IB Programme completion, post-graduation plans, career and college exploration, personal statements, and the extended essay.

The Counselors’ Corner

Notice to all tenth and eleventh grade students

International Baccalaureate - Spring revision and summer courses 2018

You are invited to participate in the CIS International Student Registry Service to receive free admission information from CIS Member Colleges and Universities.

The following websites offer resources on IB revision and review programs. Please take a look and plan ahead as appropriate:

This is a no cost opportunity to hear from member colleges and universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Middle East and Europe.

Oxford Study Courses – Lanterna IB Courses – Stanford University – IB Revision Camps Vienna –

To complete an online registration form go to: https://

Summer study programs

To all of our ninth grade students

We have received a wide variety of brochures and information from summer study programs. Please see Ms. Rath or ask in the Counselling Office for more information. An example includes:

Remember, 9th Grade is important! Now is the time to improve those study habits, balance your workload and extracurricular commitments, and learn best practices to manage your time. Every course you take, every grade you earn, and every choice you make will be a part of your overall high school profile.

American University of Paris –

Make it count!

As the frost slowly spreads over our autumnal landscape, this is a natural reminder that the holidays are right around the corner. There is still much to do in the few days left before Christmas break; so make the most of each day and know that we continue to be by your side during this very busy season. May this winter break bring everyone much needed respite, reunion, and reflection as we look forward to a glorious New Year! Ms. Rath High School Counsellor

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


News from the IBDP/IGCSE Coordinator International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) – a briefing for parents and students

At this stage of the school year, 10th grade students are making final decisions about registering for IGCSE examinations and I thought that it was a good time to give some general information about this programme at ISS. A meeting for interested parents and students was held on 15th November, but if you were unable to attend, a summary of the key points in the presentation is given below. Deciding whether or not to take IGCSE examinations, and which subjects to select, is an important choice and should be taken very seriously. Key points about Cambridge IGCSE

Please note: written IGCSE examinations will take place this year between Monday 30th April 2018 and Tuesday 12th June 2018. Practical and oral examinations take place on various dates in the period from March to May as arranged by the school. ISS may offer the following IGCSE examinations to students following appropriate programmes (syllabus numbers in brackets – for more details check out the Cambridge website at First Language English (0500)

Excellent preparation for advanced study including International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP)

Internationally recognised qualifications

English as a Second Language (0510)

Over 800 0000 entries every year from 145 countries

Geography (0460) or History (0470)

Cambridge IGCSE is accepted as equivalent to GCSE in the UK

Builds skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving

IGCSE at ISS • IGCSE examinations are not compulsory at ISS. Students and parents should think carefully whether this is the best choice for them. A final decision will need to be made early in January of 10th grade. • IGCSE examinations are most useful for students applying to UK universities, especially if they have a British background. Please note that IGCSE results must be declared on the UCAS form when applying to British universities. • Other students may find IGCSE examinations useful if they have an equivalency in their home country (e.g. Germany, The Netherlands) or as preparation for the IB Diploma.

Foreign Language French (0520) or Foreign Language Spanish (0530)

Literature (English) – taught as part of English class (0486) Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) – a combination of Biology and Physical Sciences (0654) Cambridge International Mathematics (0607) Extended or Core level Art and Design (0400) and/or Computer Science (0478) and/or Drama (0411) and/or Design and Technology (0445) If you have any questions, please contact me. Lynn Park IBDP/IGCSE Coordinator

• IGCSE examination fees are charged on registration. The fees in 2017 were NOK 700 per subject. • Students taking 5+ IGCSE subjects can take study leave during the examination period. They are then able to study at home, or in designated study areas at school, or attend classes with their teachers (as appropriate). 6

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

High School NEWS

God Jul og Godt NyttĂĽr!!!

from the high school office

10th Grade - History

9th Grade - English The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Middle School News and Events

Glazing of modernist clay sculptures.... Welcome to the last Informer of 2017. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and return refreshed and relaxed ready for the new semester in January 2018. The Middle School is continuing with regular scheduled classes up until the final day on Wednesday 20th, where the schedule will be a little different. The MS will start the day with an extended homeroom, where there will be Secret Santa games and general socialising :). After that the entire MS will be going ice skating from 10-12 noon. Students should bring: • Warm jacket, hat, scarf and gloves • Money for hot drinks • Their OWN ice skates if they have them

The Middle School will also have a Holiday Spirit Week next week: Monday 18th - Holiday Pyjama Day Tuesday, 19th - Anything connected to the holiday season the more the merrier Wednesday, 20th - Holiday Jumper/Sweater Day - the more over the top the better . Happy Holidays and all the very best for 2018!

We will return to school for the regular afternoon classes. Carol Wallace Middle School Principal 8

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Middle School News and Events

Abstract clay sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth I have attached an interesting article below about questions for your children: Why not try it out next semester? The article concludes with a short video entitled ‘Things You Should Say To Your Kids Every Day’. 11 Questions Every Parent Needs to Ask Their Children

(Source: ‘Power of Positivity’

“Children are not resilient, children are malleable.” – Bruce D. Perry, M.D., PhD Did you know that by age seven, a child’s brain is almost fully-developed – at 95 percent its adult weight, and functioning at its peak energy consumption? Seven years. This short period of time determines how a young one will look at the world around them. Nancy Guberti, MS and Bio Nutritionist states, “Caregivers need to provide a nurturing environment and daily individualized communication. Negative or harsh treatment may come with emotional consequences in the future.” Children need a stable and nurturing environment and one that promotes learning and communication. Parent/ child interaction is the single most important type of

communication throughout a person’s life. This ongoing interaction between caregiver (parent, guardian) and the child continues to remain particularly important up until adolescence. Part of a parent’s responsibility is to inquire about their child’s mental state. Up until a certain age, most children will gladly tell you what’s on their mind (sometimes more than you need to know!) But there’s more to asking questions than getting information. Asking open-ended questions – which require more than a yes/no answer – is a powerful way to understand what your child is thinking. Further, it’s a wonderful way to strengthen the bond with your child. In this article, we list 11 great questions to ask your little one or bigger teenager – and the rationale behind them. The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Middle School News and Events 11 QUESTIONS FOR PARENTS TO ASK CHILDREN #1 What’s something fun you did today? The type of questions you ask your child (and how you ask them) depends on their age, but this question – in some form – is a great place to start.

ability to understand emotions, including empathy. As a mature adult, you can help your child by asking them to wonder about how someone else may feel.

Dr. Gail Saltz, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Cornell University, states “Sharing what your child’s day was like and what is important to them grows your relationship.”

#7 Isn’t it beautiful outside today?

As your young one gets older, it’s a good idea to ask them about what they learned to cultivate a love of learning. #2 What happened at school today? When kids get finished with school, the last thing they want to do is talk about it. They’re probably a bit tired and want to play or do something else. Let them until dinnertime or so, and then ask them about their day at school. If your child seems concerned or anxious about something, follow up with them. #3 What are you grateful for today? Research shows that teaching children how to express gratitude is essential to their development and overall wellbeing. Mealtime is an excellent opportunity to discuss ideas, principles, and values you think are important to instill in your kids – and teaching gratitude helps improve the child’s happiness and relationships. #4 How are you feeling today? It’s important that a child learns how to understand and manage their emotions. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to uncover what’s going on under the surface. Asking about your child’s feelings is powerful – and the best way to gauge if something isn’t right. #5 What did you learn today? Here again is a simple question that emphasizes the importance of learning. This question also encourages critical thinking skills, a talent that will continue to serve your child well into their adult years. This is also a good time to re emphasize the importance of continuous reading, learning, and studying. #6 What do you think that

person feels?

It’s natural for a child to place their thoughts and feelings above anyone else’s. Their brain is still developing the 10

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

(Hint, hint)

Okay, so this is a closed-ended question, but an important one. However you may feel about a kid having an iPad, computer, and video games, cultivating an appreciation for nature is important. Taking your child outside, walking through a park, or joining them on a playground is a great way to encourage physical activity and interaction with nature. #8 Who is your best friend? Why? Yes, even as a youngster, the company they keep has an impact on their attitude and mindset. Asking this question helps to figure out what your child values in their peers. As a parent, you can make a choice whether or not this influence is positive or negative. #9 How can you help someone today? It goes without saying that we need more nurturing and empathetic people in the world. In reality, there isn’t a way to completely shield a child from the facts of life. Encouraging your child to think about others; in this case, carefully thinking about how they can help someone, is incredibly powerful. Follow up with them on this commitment to reinforce the importance of empathy. #10 What are you most interested in doing? Yes, this question is designed to stoke your child’s passions. We still have an education system that prioritizes rote memorization and testing. As such, it’s important to take the reins and encourage your child to do whatever makes them happy. (Creative thinking will become one of the most valued assets in the “new economy.”) #11 What can you be doing better? Your child knows when they’ve done something wrong or haven’t given their full effort. This is a brilliant question because it’s not judgmental or prodding in nature. You want what is best for your child – and, by asking this question, your child will know this.

Middle School News and Events Alginate molds create highly detailed sculptures of face and hands/feet

In the service of Art ....

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Middle School News and Events A South Korean mask

Plague doctor mask Venetian half-mask with feathers

A Spanish mask A Colombina mask

Tutankhamon’s golden mask

Classical masks re-created by Grade 6 12

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Middle School News and Events

Self portrait by Thor Askey, Grade 8

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Early C


Santa Claus is coming to town ....

& Primary School News

ISS Early Childhood and Primary School students singing joyfully encouraging peace at the Winter Concert. As the world struggles with increasing fears of war and violence, the Alliance for Childhood offers the following brief guide for parents who seek to nurture the values of compassion and goodwill in their children’s lives. Some would say that it is easy to teach children about war. However, it is much more challenging to teach them how to create peace. These first steps on a path to peace require only small deeds, but will leave profound impressions.Please see below some steps to teach your child about peace. Eight Steps To Teach children about Peace The Alliance for Childhood

1. Make room for peace at home. Outer peace begins with inner peace. Children and adults need special places that give them a sense of privacy and peace, and that can serve as a quiet refuge for times when hurt or angry feelings might lead to violent words or actions. It could be a room or just 14

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

a corner, where any family member can go for quiet reflection or to work through turbulent feelings. 2. Find peace in nature. Turn off the television and the computer and go outside. Take children for a walk or let them explore nature in their own way. The beauty of nature is a great balm to the soul. 3. Make time for creative play. Young children need plenty of time for unstructured, creative play. Research indicates that make-believe social play in particular reduces aggression and increases empathy in children. Choose children’s toys carefully, avoiding those that encourage or glorify violence. 4. Engage children’s hands and hearts. Young children need a direct, hands-on experience of giving. They love to make things, small and large—their own cards, tree ornaments, cookies, or bread—for neighbours, family, or friends. They can learn to enjoy sorting through their own things and even giving away some treasured possessions to others in need, if it is part of a family tradition.

Early C


& Primary School News

5. Establish a “family foundation.”Create a homemade bank for donations—a miniature family foundation. Parents, children, visitors, and friends can put money in the bank. Children can be introduced to tithing when they receive gifts, earnings, or allowance. Choose a charity together —one that has personal meaning for the children especially—to give to. As the children mature, talk to them more about the needs of the world and ways to help. 6. Face local needs. Help children become comfortable with the people in your community who need help— the elderly, the disabled, the poor. Starting in middle school, students benefit enormously from working in hospitals, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and the like. This can be especially effective for young people who are growing up in socially and economically stressed neighborhoods. 7. Make a difference in the world. Help young people find active ways of working for peace, the preservation of the natural world, the relief of human suffering, or other concerns, through organizations like Kids Can Make a Difference (www.kidscanmakeadifference.

Jingle bell rock ....

org.), Free the Children (, Roots and Shoots ( 8. Share Inspiring Words of Peace from Different Cultures. Children love to hear aloud the inspiring words of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other champions of peace, justice, and nonviolence. Teach children the Golden Rule, common to most religions and philosophies. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the basis of social respect and cooperation (see goldenrule.html). Also see peaceCENTER (www. for a list of 12 peace prayers from different world religions, or http://www. for prayers by individuals. The next days of December will seem to rush by in a blur. Whether visiting family loved-ones, vacationing in new lands, moving to a new country or enjoying beautiful Stavanger, I wish you all a peaceful holiday season! Warm Smiles,

Jill Raven Early Childhood and Primary School Principal The INFORMER 14 December 2017



The INFORMER 14 December 2017

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Early C


& Primary School News

Ms Duguay and her students draw a standing ovation 18

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Early C


& Primary School News

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


All School News


means light, and Scandinavians treasure it especially during the darkest months of the year. Legend has it Lucia was a young woman in Italy who was martyred for her faith and love for the poor during the 3rd Century. She is celebrated throughout Scandinavia with a light procession.

Coinciding with Santa Lucia is the old, Norse LUSSI NATT. Norwegians used to believe the darkest night of the year to be between the 12th and the 13th of December. Evil spirits were about and people stayed indoors. Baking was to be done prior to this evening. Today we find the Lucia tradition in homes and schools around Norway. At ISS, children from 2nd grade dressed in white, will carry candles and sing the traditional Lucia song.


Juletrefest is a tradition and highlight of the season at ISS. If you like to sing or listen to children singing round the tree, join us for the Juletrefest:

20 December, 08:50 - 09:20 in the cafeteria.

Welcome to Norwegian


On Monday, 13 December the procession lasted from 11:50 - 12:30 and visited primary classes grades PS – 5th and handed out pepperkaker.


The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Early CThree & Swords Primary School News hildhood

CHESS Tournament May 2018!!!

Sign up for the ISS chess club today! Prepare for the

Three Swords Tournament in May Grades 3-6 3rd, 5th, and 6th Grades meet in November/December 4th, 5th, and 6th grades meet in January/February 5th and 6th grades meet in February/March

All grades meet in April/May Forms and a calendar are available in the main office. Belinda Kinnari Primary School Teacher

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Note: Classified ads are placed by organisers external to the ISS, so the responsibility for the content is with the organisers, not ISS


The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Note: Classified ads are placed by organisers external to the ISS, so the responsibility for the content is with the organisers, not ISS

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


Note: Classified ads are placed by organisers external to the ISS, so the responsibility for the content is with the organisers, not ISS

Welcome to Fine Arts Studio, a lovely art school for children in the heart of Stavanger! There we learn to sketch and paint, admire art and understand colours and shapes. We always

have great fun learning about world famous artists and creating our own masterpieces.

Let the children release their inner genius! 24

The INFORMER 14 December 2017

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Learn Russian with Smart Panda!!! Find us on Facebook. +47-968 30 183

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


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The INFORMER 14 December 2017

Note: Classified ads are placed by organisers external to the ISS, so the responsibility for the content is with the organisers, not ISS

Service of Nine Lessons & Carols A Festive Ecumenical Service in English

Stavanger Domkirke

Saturday 23rd December 18:00 (doors open at 17:30)

Supported by The English speaking churches in the Stavanger area Organised by Revd. Peter Hogarth The Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway, Stavanger Congregation. Contact: Mobile Tel: 48604061

The INFORMER 14 December 2017


A Middle School artist’s lino print

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Informer 2017 12 14  

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