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International School of Stavanger High School Profile 2011-2012 Treskeveien 3, 4043 Hafrsfjord, Norway Tel: +47 51 55 43 00 Fax: +47 51 55 43 01/02 E-mail: Website:

GEN ERAL IN FORM ATION Founded in 1966, ISS is an English-language, non-profit, private pre-school–grade 12 school accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. The school is administered by a director and governed by a board of trustees consisting primarily of parents connected with the major oil companies or NATO located in Stavanger, Norway. ISS offers an international university prep curriculum combining the best features of the North American and European systems. Nearly 750 students attend ISS with 250 enrolled in the high school (grades 9-12). The class of 2011 numbers 53. The student population at ISS includes students from more than 50 countries, with approximately 20% each represented from the U.K., U.S. and Norway.

AD M IN ISTRATION Director: Dr. Linda M. Duevel High School Principal: Mr. Gareth Jones Exam and IB Coordinator: Ms. Lynn Park High School Counselor: Dr. Kim Caroline-Strange

FACULTY There are 92 faculty members (33 men and 59 women) coming from all around the world. They hold 92 bachelor’s degrees, 47 master’s degrees and 3 doctorates.

CURRICULUM & GRAD UATION REQUIREM EN TS The school offers an ISS High School diploma and an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. ISS HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Twenty-two credits are required for graduation: English Mathematics Social Studies Science Physical Education/Health Fine or Technical Arts ‘ Electives

4 3 3 2 2 1 7

credits credits credits credits credits credit credits

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) DIPLOMA IB diploma courses available for May 2012 include: Group 1: English A1 HL/SL, Norwegian A1 HL/SL, Schoolsupported Self-taught A1 Languages SL Group 2: English A2 HL/SL, French B HL/SL, Spanish B HL/SL, Spanish ab initio SL

College Entrance Exam Board Code: 782410 International Baccalaureate Code: 000862 Universities and Colleges Admissions Service Code: 47966

Group 3: Economics HL/SL, Geography HL/SL, History HL/SL, Psychology HL/SL, Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) HL/SL Group 4: Biology HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Physics HL/SL Group 5: Mathematics HL, Mathematics SL, Math Studies SL Group 6: Theatre Arts HL/SL, Visual Arts HL/SL IB diploma candidates in grades 11 and 12 are required to select one course from each of the six subject groups (3 at HL, 3 at SL) and must pass with an external exam score of 24+ to earn the IB diploma. Additional IB diploma requirements include successful completion of the Theory of Knowledge course, an Extended Essay and Creativity, Action and Service components. The rigorous IB programme is also available to students wishing to earn IB certificates rather than the full IB diploma.

GRAD IN G & RAN KIN G INTERNAL GRADING SCALE Grading scale used prior to 2011–12 academic year: ISS Grade A AB+ B BC+ C CD+

Percentages 94 - 100 90 - 93 87 - 89 83 - 86 80 - 82 77 - 79 73 - 76 70 - 72 67 - 69


63 - 66


60 - 62 Less than 59

ISS Descriptor Excellent



Poor but Passing Failing

Unweighted GPA 4.00 3.67 3.33 3.00 2.67 2.33 2.00 1.67 1.33

Weighted GPA 5.0 4.67 4.33 4.00 3.67 3.33 3.00 2.67 2.33



0.67 0

1.67 0

Grading scale used from 2011–12 academic year onwards: ISS Grade 7 6+ 6 5+ 5 4+ 4 43+ 3 2+ 2 1

ISS Descriptor Outstanding Excellent Very Good Good Good Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Less than Satisfactory Less than Satisfactory Weak Poor Very Poor

Unweighted GPA 4.33 4.0 3.67 3.33 3.0 2.67 2.33 2.0 1.67 1.33 1.00 0.67 0

Weighted GPA 5.33 5.00 4.67 4.33 4.00 3.67 3.33 3.00 2.67 2.33 2.00 1.67 0


ACT SUMMARY (includes EAL and learning support students)

Class rank is used only to determine the valedictorian and the salutatorian. In order to be ranked for these designations, a student must have completed at least three semesters of coursework at ISS. Cumulative unweighted and weighted grade point averages are based on course grades earned in grades 9-12. International Baccalaureate courses (designated as IB on the transcript) are weighted one point higher in the calculation of grade point average. IGCSE courses (designated as IG on the transcript) taken by students in 9th and 10th grade are equivalent to a U.S. honors high school curriculum but are not weighted at ISS.

ACT Class English Math Reading Science Reasoning Composite Students tested

2009 24.0 24.1 26.9 24.4

MEAN 2010 23.2 23.4 23.9 24.6

2011 22.5 23.5 23.5 23.0

24.8 10

23.9 20

23.2 18

UN IVERSITY & COLLEGE ACCEPTAN CES FOR CLASS OF 2011 Bold face indicates school of matriculation.

EXTERN AL EXAM IN ATION S INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (IGCSE) IGCSE examinations are available to all students in 10th grade. Depending on their cultural and educational background, students can choose to take these examinations or simply follow the IGCSE courses for ISS credit. In May 2011, students at ISS took a total of 335 IGCSE examinations. An A* to C grade was scored on 91% of these exams. In the 10th grade, 64% of the students chose to take a full range of IGCSE subjects (6-9 subjects) and 92% gained 5 or more A* to C grades. Five passes at grade C or higher are considered to indicate a student’s readiness to begin freshman courses in U.S. universities. INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) DIPLOMA In May 2011, out of a graduating class of 47 students, 41 students (87% of the graduating class) undertook the full IB diploma. Eighty-five percent achieved the diploma (the remaining six were awarded individual subject certificates). The average IB score for those achieving the full diploma was 32 points. Ninety-eight percent of the graduating class took IB examinations and earned the following scores: 7 – 7% 4 – 28% 1 – 0% 6 – 20% 3 – 10% 5 – 34% 2 – 2%

SAT SUMMARY (includes EAL and learning support students) SAT Class Critical Reading Math Writing Students tested

2009 574 584 572 16

MEAN 2010 519 571 532 31

2011 535 561 546 26

UNITED KINGDOM Bangor University Bournemouth University Heriot-Watt University Kingston University Middlesex University Plymouth University Queen Margaret University Staffordshire University Univ. of Abertay Dundee Univ. of Bradford Univ. of Bristol Univ. of Edinburgh Univ. of Exeter Univ. of Hertfordshire Univ. of Lancaster Univ. of Manchester Univ. of Southampton Univ. of Stirling Univ. of Warwick Univ. of York USA Azusa Pacific University California Lutheran University Florida State University Johns Hopkins University Ohio University Purdue University St. Olaf College Texas Tech University Univ. of California, Berkeley Univ. of Central Florida Univ. of Colorado, Boulder Univ. of Oregon Univ. of the Pacific

Bath Spa University Durham University Imperial College London Lancaster University Oxford Brookes University Queen Mary, Univ. of London Robert Gordon University Univ. of Aberdeen Univ. of Bath Univ. of Birmingham Univ. of East Anglia Univ. of Essex Univ. of Glasgow Univ. of Kent Univ. of Leicester Univ. of Sheffield Univ. of St. Andrews Univ. of Strathclyde Univ. of Worcester

Boston University Florida Inst. of Technology James Madison University Miami University Pacific Lutheran University Rochester Inst. of Technology Taylor University Thomas Nelson Comm. College Univ. California, Santa Cruz Univ. of Denver Univ. Minnesota, Duluth Univ. of Redlands Wheaton College, Illinois

CANADA McGill University Queens University Univ. of Alberta Univ. of British Columbia Univ. of Western Ontario Univ. of Victoria

THE NETHERLANDS Univ. of Amsterdam Univ. College Utrecht Univ. of Utrecht

SPAIN St. Louis University, Madrid Univ. of Navarra

NORWAY Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology

ITALY Bocconi University



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