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Fruit and Milk Form for Primary School Students Kindergarten – Grade 5 2011-2012

Dear Parents of Children in Primary School, Fruit and milk are offered to your child on a cost basis during the school day. Milk is served in a glass during lunch in the cafeteria. The charge for milk is NOK 540 per school year. Fruit each school day for a snack is available for a charge of NOK 1080 per school year. Homeroom teachers collect a basket of fruit and distribute this to students who have signed up for fruit during snack time. Children may also bring a healthy snack to school, of course. For the first week of school, children should give you feedback on milk and fruit. At the end of the first week, please send the attached form below stating whether you would like your child to receive milk and/or fruit. Please take time to make an informed decision. If you decide after one week to receive milk and/or fruit, you will be billed by the Business Manager for the entire school year. Do not send cash to the school. A giro will be sent to you. No refunds are made if you change your mind. Sincerely, Len Duevel, PhD Primary School Principal

Yes, I do want my child to receive milk each day for NOK 540 per school year. Yes, I do want my child to receive fruit for the school year for NOK 1080 per school year.

Child`s first and last name: __________________________________ Homeroom: __________________ Parent signature: _________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Fruit And Milk For Primary School Students 2011-2012