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do; At Kiyosato, you might want to do something during the day. You can go to anywhere near or anywhere else. A really nice place for you to visit is the Yamane Museum. It is across the street from “seisen-ryo” and takes only about a few minutes (or even less!) to go there which is quite surprising.

K.E.E.P. (Kiyosato, Eperimental, Educational, Project)

Feeling bored? Or want to go outside inside the mountains? Here’s the place for YOU to go!

You can also walk in the woods near the Yamane Museum or walk around the area. It will be really nice and you might also like to run around there in 5


Designed by: Yuko and Sarah; the school project organization 6



These are the places you can contact if you have any questions;

experience watching the beauteous sunset and the gorgeous night sky. Seeing or doing those fun activities (outside the city) will be a great experience for all.

This is the place where there are many activities to do, including shopping, Horse Riding, eating yummy ice cream and don’t forget to go to the Yamane museum.

Kiyosato, Eperimental, Educational, Project)


Yamanashi-ken Hokusha-shi Takane-cho Kiyosato 3454

If you agree, and want to stay there for some nights, go to KEEP, Seisen Ryo. There are great food and nice cabins and you can enjoy the smell in the 2

TEL: 0551-48-2111



Kiyosato Educational Experimental Project  

its a good place to go