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Goryeo dynasty

By: Sahana, Ji Hyeon, Tatiana, and Stella

The Emperor of Korea who led the Goryeo Dynasty

Wang Geon Ogedei

Emperor of the Mongols in 1231

During the Mongol invasion This special Korean religious writings were burned down. These writings are called Tripitaka. They are preserved in a special temple.

Korean Flag

Mongolian Flag

The Mongols invaded Here (Pretty much all of Korea)

The Mongols demanded for 1,000,000 pieces of clothing for kids

The Mongols also demanded for 20,000 horses.

The Mongols demanded for 10,000 loads of silk.

By building the Tipitaka back they gained energy and hope to DEFEAT....

The Mongols

Lee Seong Gye betrayed the Koryeo emperor and made the Joseon dynasty.

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Social Studies Korean Project  

In social studies, we learned about Korean history and my group members were researching about Goryeo Dynasty.