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About K.E.E.P.

This is a picture of K.E.E.P. in the winter.


K.E.E.P. stands for the Kiyosato Educational Ex-

K.E.E.P. gives chance to make butter,

periment Project.

ride horse, enjoy bone fire and pick up

Hyeri Han 7k

grapes, by ourselves.

K.E.E.P. is located in Yatsugatake Highlands in Kiyosato, Yamanashi, Japan.


〒407-0301 山梨県北杜市高根町清里3545 Phone: 0120-88-2099 Fax: 555-555-5555 E-mail:

Kiyosato Tel: 0120-88-2099

About K.E.E.P. The organization was built K.E.E.P. in 1948 and the reasons

Things to do if you go to K.E.E.P.

of building K.E.E.P. is to give

If you go to K.E.E.P. you should visit Dor-

hope, food, health, and faith to

mouse Museum, horse riding, eat milk ice


cream, etc.

Dr. Paul Rusch

Even though Dormouse museum is small, it

In K.E.E.P., we provide vegetarian food for people who can’t eat meat These are picture of meals in K.E.E.P.:

tells us lots of information about the dorThis is picture of Dr. Paul Rusch

mouse. Horse riding is fun. Horses are really big. You can ride horses for whole day. In Kiyosato, the most famous thing is cow, so cow give us milk to Kiyosato citizens then they make milk ice cream. It is more fresh then normal milk ice cream. It taste better than normal ice cream.

Dr.Paul Rusch who was born in 1897 in Fairmaunt, Indiana, made K.E.E.P.


Restaurant in K.E E P. Restaurant in K.E.E.P. is delicious. It is buffet. We could eat every meal.

〒407-0301 山梨県北杜市高根町清里3545 Phone: 0120-88-2099 Fax: 555-555-5555 E-mail:

KEEP Broucher by Hyeri  

we went to KEEP

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