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About YMCA, and the outdoor activity

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YMCA is a very old place but a very fun place to stay! In Tozanso there is a lot

This is a picture of Mount Fuji. There is a lot of beautiful scenery at Tozanso.

of fun outdoor activities!

YMCA TOZANSO ACTIVITY anso CA Toz M Y f o e Pictur

This is the sign of the YMCA Tozanso.

A picture of a girl dig ging the inside of a Acorn.

This is what the YMCA stands for.

hes, Breakfast, Lunc and Dinner! A staff from Tozanso are



o Tozans

helping us how to make

For breakfast they have bread, yogurt, omelets, sausages , and milk for break-

CA e of Y M Pictur

whistle out of acorns. The staff will give us a acorn to make a whistle.


In Tozanso you can make your own campfire.

For lunch they have Pasta ,rice , miso soup, and water.

You can even roast your yummy delicious marshmallows! But you have to find your own branches on the ground.

Dinner: Rice, stew, salad, ice cream, and Pop drinks

This is how the place looks like. It is big and there are bunk beds.

YMCA Tozanso  

This is a brochure to advertise YMCA TOZANSO

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