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Fuji Q Highland

Fuji Q Highland Fuji Q Highland is a amusement park filled with rollercasters. It also has thrilling ghost mansions, fantastic, and racings. Which means small children can go there too, for the fantastic. There is also cartoon characters which we all know like Tom and Jerry. The best part is , on some attractions that goes high up, you can see the Fuji mountain. It is a fun and thrilling place to go for your weekends.

A fun amusement park

Fuji Q Highland Bibliography

5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan TEL: 0555-24-6711 FAX: 0555-24-6882

By KY and HO

Thrilling, coasters, and fantastic

Thrilling There is Gundam the ride, Paniclock, Great Zaboon, Waikiki Wave, Moon Raker, Rocky slides, Red tower and Pirate Ship. Some of them like Zaboon, you will get your body soaked with water. If you wanted to ride on Zaboon, you should have a raincoat. (You can get them in the park). Paniclock is an attraction that turns you 360degrees. The Red Tower goes so high that you can see the Fuji Mountain. There is also haunted mansion that is a maze of 1 km.



In coasters there is Fujiyama which is the longest ride in the park which is 2,045meters! There is also Birdmen, Double Loop, Mad Mouse, Zola, and finally, Dodonpa that falls 90degrees at one point. These coasters are more for kids that has the length more then 140cm. There is also a ride you can’t go on if you are higher then 210cm. Fujiyama is only allowed ages under 59 years-old.

There is lots of food you can enjoy in Fuji Q. There is cotton candies, popcorn, ice creams, and more!

Fantastic In fantastic there is Shining Flower, Wave Swinger, Tea Cups, Merry-goround, Tomas Land, , and Super Sky Cycle (ferris wheel). As you can see, the fantastic are more for small kids that likes the characters. In Racing there is Bumper Car, Skid Racing Kart, Go-Kart (one rider), and GoKart (two rider). However Go-Karts can be in the category of racing.

FujiQ Brochure  

A brochure about an amusement called FujiQ Highland By Kana and Hinano