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Fuji Q Highland Fuji Q Highlands is an internationally known amusement park near the amazing Mount Fuji. While riding on rides such as Dodonpa, that fastest ride in Fuji Q, or Fujiyama, a roller coaster shaped like Mt. Fuji, or the beautiful ferris wheel, you can see a spectacular view of Fuji-san. Entrance ticket fee is 1,200 yen, (by credit card, electronic money, or gin lei cards.)

“{Fuji Q} was a blast of fun!!” - Gracey & Hannah “It was so much fun!! I had to go back there again!!” -Annika

Transportation From Tokyo


Shinjuku Station: Take JR Chuo Main Line (app 60 min by superexpress) to Otsuki Station. Transfer to Fujikyu Line to Fuji-Q Highland (app 50 min). (For more information, go to http:// )

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Contact Info. Tel: 0555-23-2111 Fax: 0555-24-6882 E-mail: Website: (Optional Language,)

Fuji Q Highlands  

Brochure on Fuji Q Highlands by Chessy

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