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By Alisa B 5F

The Egyptians believed that there is a heavenly place for people that have passed away.

Only Pharaohs could board Ra (the sun god)’s magical boat and travel to the Land of the Two Fields.

Later, the god Osiris changed that, and opened the door to the after life to everyone.

You had to have a light heart to go on Ra’s boat. ( Be a good person when alive ) To check your heart, you had to go through the test of the Weighing of the Heart.

Pass the test of heart in the Hall of Maat Have your name written down somewhere Have a preserved body


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Body washed Internal organs removed Brain removed and thrown away Internal organs packed with salt Organs put into canopic jars

So if you live in Egypt, be a good person!

Images o Question mark: Winged Wolf o Maat , Bath, Heart 1, Feather, Scale, Egyptian, Mummy, Heart 2, Smiley Face, Osiris, Ra, Field, Pyramid: Clip Art Information o

Egypt Presentaion By Alisa  

Egypt presentation made in ICT

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