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WHAT IS A KIMONO? A kimono is a traditional Japanese piece of clothing like a long loose dress with wide sleeves, worn on formal occasions; a dressing gown or robe in this style.


Here in the Itchiku Kimono Museum, not only can you see the beautiful kimonos but also a amazing garden and café. CAFÉ You can have home made cake or our original pizza while looking at the beautiful garden.

Museum Info Dec~ ~Mar… …10: :00-16: :30 Jul~ ~Nov: :30-17: :30 Elders 1,100yen (1,000yen)) University 900yen( (800yen) High school 900yen( (800yen) ) Junior school 500yen((400yen) )


Phone: 0555-76-8811 FAX: :0555-76-8812 E-mail: 〒401-0304 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町河口2255 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町河口

GARDEN The garden in three large elements which form one bamboo fine arts museum. The garden of one bamboo fine arts museum almost completed with “Otaki” of this front garden. With the approach which follows to the new building from the front gate please enjoy temporarily.

Carolina & Hana


KIMONO There are 93 kimonos made by Mr. Kubota(Born 1917 and died in 2003 April 26th. ) . the Fuji lava, various plantation, 渾 meets with the rich water which gushes with 々 and causes the ball and unique atmosphere. From the spring summer, the cherry tree, while the trees and the various plant of the [ji] and Sinriyoku, fall the autumn leaves, dignified Fuji and four seasons occasionally coloration can be enjoyed in the winter.

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Kimono Museum  

Carolina and Hana

Kimono Museum  

Carolina and Hana