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By Chinatsu

What is the Afterlife?? The afterlife is a place where people go when they die. Also, the Egyptians believed in the Afterlife strongly. The Egyptians believed if there was valuable and precious things, it would bring the dead to the Afterlife successfully.

Where is the Afterlife??

(Silly Question)

The Afterlife is in the World!! And, it is something like Heaven in our language

Steps to go to the Afterlife! 1)First, you had to pass the test of heart in the Hall of Maat. That got you onboard Ra's boat. 2)But you also had to have your name written down somewhere. 3)And you had to have a preserved body. Ra’s boat

Some Facts about a God!! Called RA!!!!!!!!!

Who is Ra?? • He is the Sun of God • He was also called the King of the Gods!!

It looks like the God, Ra right‌? *_*

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My Egyptian Presentation By Chinatsu  

This is my presentation for my Social Studies teacher which was a surpurise. I hope you enjoy!

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