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Global Opportunities 2019 - 2020

Travels 5th - 9th grade

Global Opportunities Our Global Campus helps students explore the world, learn new skills and set their sights higher, developing a truly international perspective through outstanding online, in-school and worldwide experiences. From our in-school challenges to expeditions in Tanzania or Switzerland, we inspire your child to be ambitious in their learning.




6th to 8th Grade

6th to 8th Grade

December 3rd to 7th, 2019

February 5th to 10th, 2020

Windermere Preparatory School at Orlando, Florida

North Broward Preparatory School at Coconut Creek, Florida

The Global Games is a five-day multi-sport event that unites students from Nord Anglia Education across The Americas in a fun, competitive, and action-packed event where your child will have the opportunity to go for the gold in a variety of sports: archery, basketball, flag football, sand volleyball (4X4), soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field & girls’ volleyball. The Global Games is as much as sportsmanship and teamwork, as it is about challenging themselves to excel.

Your child will ignite their passion for creativity and performance while participating in unique experiences with musician across the America’s region at the Performing Arts Festival in collaboration with Juilliard School. Students will build relationships and expand their musicianship through engaging workshops, rehearsals, and performances. Your child will learn from renowned educators and artists affiliated with Juilliard School.




7th to 9th Grade

7th and 8th Grade

March 13th to 22nd, 2020

July 7th to 15th, 2020

Arusha, Tanzania

Les Martinets, Switzerland

The Tanzania Seeway Expedition is a life changing experience and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the local communities and villages around Maji ya Chai, in the Arusha region of Tanzania. Students will participate in a highly rewarding program of community service, learning about sustainable development and exploring on a two-day educational safari through the Tarangire National Park. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child designed to enable them to grow personally and emotionally. The activities support key skills such as confidence, resilience, independence and leadership, all essential in you child’s education, career and life as a global citizen.

A wonderful opportunity for students to experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps in a challenging but accessible trekking expedition, and also having the opportunity to experience rapidly deteriorating glacial environments, while stretching their mental and physical limits in a safe and fun environment. Highly NAE trained guides will lead your child through an inspirational program, designed to help your child collaborate with their fellow students, connect with the environment, and develop valuable life skills, such as leadership, self-reliance, risk taking, flexible thinking, organization and perseverance.




8th Grade (MUN Officers)

5th and 6th Grade (Max. age: 12 years old)

July 2020

To be determined

New York, USA

Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

This is a unique opportunity exclusive to NAE, in which our students ambassadors will demonstrate the action our schools are taking to tackle the United Nation’s Global Goals for sustainable development, including through our annual Global Challenge. One student of each campus will be selected as the best ambassador of our school to participate in a global Model United Nations, workshops, seminars, and debates. Students will also collaboratively deliver a presentation for a specially convened meeting in support of the UN’s High-Level Political Forum, as well as seeing some of New York.

As part of Nord Anglia’s partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), students will have the opportunity to travel to MIT in Cambridge, to participate in the annual STEAM week @ MIT. Two students will be selected to represent our school. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from all over the world and participate in exciting workshops and activities delivered by leading MIT academics, as well as touring the campuses of two of the best universities in the world (MIT and Harvard University). The activities have been co-created by NAE and MIT to increase students’ understanding of STEAM, while developing their interdisciplinary learning and practical problem-solving skills. 4

NAE UNICEF STUDENT SUMMIT INTERIMS 9th Grade February 17th to 21st, 2020

Local, National and International

Local - ISR: Mind, wit, action - Coahuila: La Gloria - ISR: Painting - Nuevo LeĂłn: Beyond Limits National - MĂŠxico, Ruta Maya

All ninth grader students have the opportunity to choose a local, national or international workshop designed to reach academic goals and life experiences. This school year the INTERIMS week will take place February 17 to 21, 2020. Academic and non-academic records, as well as available spaces, will be considered for student distributions based on the choices of interest.

International - Japan - US, Orlando - US, Silicon Valley - Canada

Brochure with more information and available workshops will be sent by e-mail at the begining of the school year.



- Our flagship program in Geneva offers two tracks, Discovery and Young Artist, across Music, Drama and Dance and is tailored to every level of experience.

Geneva, Florida and Shanghai Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard is an immersive performing arts program. Students will be inspired to explore and cultivate their creative talent through unique programs designed by The Juilliard School and taught by Juilliard artist faculty.

- Our Voice program in Florida is designed to help take aspiring singers to the next level with programmes in both classical singing and musical theatre.

We are passionate that students of all levels and performing arts backgrounds will benefit from this immersive experience.

- Our Strings program in Shanghai will nurture passionate string players through masterclasses and one on one tuition.

Programs are offered in dance, drama, piano, strings, and voice.


For more information: isrtravels@sanroberto.edu.mx


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Global Opportunities 2019 - 2020  

Global Opportunities 2019 - 2020