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July 2014


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Dafna Navarro is the founder of the following companies: Israeli Art Market The company has three business lines which include: which showcases the top Israeli artists in photography, contemporary art and Judaica;

Editor & Founder : Dafna Navarro Dafna was born in Jerusalem in 1975 and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a known figure in the Israeli art world as a lecturer, curator and appraiser of art and collectibles. Dafna has lectured at academies of visual art and design with years of experience working in advertising and media. Her education started at Technion University studying interior design followed by general design studies with the artist Ilana Goor. She later obtained a diploma in curatorial studies and art appraisals. In the beginning of her career she worked as a graphic designer in various multimedia companies such as Ness Technologies, Casdim International Systems, along with several major advertising agencies in Israel. In 1998 she began teaching at the Avni Institute of Art and as a lecturer in visual communication at Betzalel Academy of Art and at Magen the Religious College of Art and Design. Dafna has authored a number of books for Israeli academic institutes including John Bryce College. She also developed course curriculum and content in a number of fields including photography, internet, media and graphic design. She was later involved in the marketing of these courses to various technology companies.


Israeli Art Market digital magazine which is available for download at,, and available for Kindle at; and three online stores:,, and where you can purchase fine Israeli art. Sell My Art The company specializes in the sale of Israeli art to interior designers, architectural firms and private individuals in Israel. Show My Work A website showcasing over 250 artists, photographers and designers from various disciplines. The site also promotes exhibitions of art and design. Art Design Center A website dedicated to promoting Israeli art and design schools which includes blogs on art, photography and design.

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Editor & Founder : Dafna Navarro Content Editor : Emma Rotenberg Graphic Design : Ziv Kay Contributor: Doron Azuri

ABOUT THIS ISSUE In these days, i believe there is a need of good energy, creativity and calm nights. For everyone. This magazine holds the right to come in peace. No political positions, no government involvements, borders, statements of hatred, defense or using power. We only show the power of creation, the power of humanity in art, by art. There is a quote i love deeply, from one of the most inspiring books i have ever read: I sat day after day in my little room, waiting for inspiration to visit me, trying to invent a pseudonym that would express, in a combination of noble and striking sounds, our dream of artistic achievement, a pen name grand enough to compensate for my own feeling of insecurity and helplessness at the idea of everything my mother expected from me. Romain gary. Promise at dawn (1960) In this issue we exhibit excellent collection of art. Young artists generation along with Known artists in israel in the fields of judaic art, naive art and contemporary art. When i visited in the graduations exhibitions i was amazed by the new spirit and the new creativity, in technic, ideas and the effort that was invested. I feel very proud to show the works of some of the finest young artists, who entering now to a new path and exposing in life. I hope they will continue with their creativity and learn themselves for many more years. This is what we all should continue doing, to learn about ourselves.


5/ NAIVE ART - IKI BUBERMAN 14/ YOUNG ARTIST EXHIBITION Nogah Safer 20/ SHENKAR. GRADUATION EXHIBITION Participating Artists: Anat Djerassi / Lee Barbu / Hallel Ben Shachar Eden Levi / Hilla Herzog / Hila Klein / Lee Gorman / Marina Eco / Mia Berman / Naor Ashkenazi / Natasha Feldman / Noa Kram / Noa Magdassi / Idan Or / Elena Rotenberg / Stav Yosha / Tal Bar On / Tal Furman / Tamar Katz 72/ ARTEFFECT. The Iranian Artist - Ghadirian Shadi 84/ RECOMMENDED APP For Artist & Photographers Pixplit 88/ GROUP EXHIBITION Landscapes & Seascapes Participating Artists: Arik Baltinester / Carmit Peleg / Eirit Huber / Ilana Hale/ Moti Shoval/ Roi Shapira/ Sara Bogen / Shuly Haimsohn / Yoram Raanan 120/ ART ELSEWHERE Patrick Boussignac 132/ CONTEMPORARY ART Participating Artists: Maya Dunsky / Oded Feingersh 141/ JUDAICA ART Participating Artists: Ora Nissim / Benny Hershkowitz 144/ PURE BEAUTY Participating Artists: Jacques Sterenberg / Aner Cohen / Nurit Tzederboim / Dalia Edelsburg / Roman Shevchuck /




A self-taught painter. Until 3 years ago, he had painted in different Eclectic style. Just three years ago, he adopted the naïve style and created more than 250 paintings. The main subject of his painting is the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo and a large part of them deals with the Tel Aviv promenade. «When I saw the French town of Cannes, where thousands of tourists crowded on the promenade, I decided that what›s good for Cannes is better for Tel Aviv». Buberman painting is generally from imagination, sometimes he paints the chosen site but changes the details. His painting is very positive, with rich colors and he consciously ignores the laws of perspective and occurred perception of buildings as well as the laws of light and shadow. If you ask Buberman if he is not tired of painting a lot of houses? Ike will say «not the house only I paint, but i bring my heart to the painting». Ike Buberman presented in an open exhibition in the culture center of Kiryat Ono (2011, in the International Bank on Dizengoff square, Tel Aviv, Jina Gallery in 20122013, in the naïve Art Festival in Katowice, Poland, in 2012, the Guttman Gallery in Berlin, 2013, 2012. Ike Buberman is represented on a regular basis by Jina Gallery in Tel Aviv. 5

Iki Buberman-Night Storyfrom The Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 110X100cm $2080


Iki Buberman- Jaffa Port Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 70X60cm $1500


Iki Buberman- Gordon Beach Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 60X70cm $1500


Iki Buberman- Jaffa’s Nights Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 60X70cm $1500


Top: Iki Buberman- Wargames Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 110X100cm $2080


Right: Iki Buberman- Acre Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 55X65cm $1500

Oded Feingersh- Jezreel Valley. From the series -Israeli Landscapes. Oil on canvas. 120X80cm. 2012. $5000

Oded Feingersh- Courtyard in Rosh Pina. From the series -Israeli Landscapes. Oil on canvas. 140X90cm. 2012. $7500


Iki Buberman- The Diamond Exchange District Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 70X80cm $1750


Iki Buberman- The Clock Square In Jaffa. Original Naive Art. Oil On Canvas. Signed. 70X60cm $1500




NOGAH SAFER Works that deal with the tension created when taking images and sketches that are designated for the third dimension and turning them into a two-dimensional puzzle of lines and shapes that plays with the viewer´s perception of the created space. The simple action of drawing geometric lines over a maze of abstract forms gives the feel of a very real place that at the same time can never exist/ The lines hint at a defined form, while the actual space is still transparent. Architectural structures are taken apart and built back together in logical ways that don’t make sense/ a sketch for an apartment that isn’t meant to be built is not confined by the need to be a stepping stool for a bigger picture. It has the freedom to take on characteristics of a painting, to be an individual.


Top: Nogah Safer- Apt. 3 Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 90X60cm 2014. $2000

Left: Nogah Safer-Duplex Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 200x65cm 2014. $2500


Top: Nogah Safer- Apt. 5A Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 100X65cm 2014. $2000

Top Right: Nogah Safer- Apt. 4 Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 100X65cm 2014. $2000

Right: Nogah Safer- Apt. 1 Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 90X60cm 2014. $1500



Top: Nogah Safer- Vacation House Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 110x70cm 2014. $2000

Top Right: Nogah Safer- Working from home Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 250x150cm 2014. $2700

Right: Nogah Safer- Vacation House 2 Original Art. Oil On Canvas. 150x150cm 2014. $2500





ENGINEERING . DESIGN . ART. For the third time of its history, the multidisciplinary art department of shenkar college empties its halls for the graduates’ exhibition. The only 6-years-old department always puts the students as its top priority with an emphasis on the arts and practical aspects, as well as the conceptual and theoretical depths. The graduates presenting their final projects received close monitoring by the department’s professors, and were to specialize in a variety of fields - painting, sculpting, photography, video, drawing and printing - each one according to his own inclinations artistic needs. Each graduated student has built his own world, revolving around his own questions and doubts which concern them; questions and concerns that provide the raw material from which their artistic activity is made of. Yet the final results are not to remain at the student’s private sphere, but in public domain - where the artistic discourse takes place. The final exhibition constitutes the first entry into the public sphere. The projects which take place in the showcase only expose a small piece of the graduates’ did during their curriculum. After four years of hard and uncompromising work they are ready to make difficult decisions, deciding what is proper, and more importantly - to decide on what to give up. That´s the hardest part of artwork, from now on and ahead - knowing how to give up sometimes. -Multidisciplinary seminar instructors of the fourth year, curriculum and final exhibition curators. Prof. Roi Cooper. Nira Pereg. Yoni Gold.






Natasha Feldman

Lee Barbu

Noa Kram

Hallel Ben Shachar

Noa Magdassi

Eden Levi

Idan Or

Hilla Herzog

Elena Rotenberg

Hila Klein

Stav Yosha

Lee Gorman

Tal Bar On

Marina Eco

Tal Furman

Mia Berman

Tamar Katz

Naor Ashkenazi



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Israeli Art Market- Issue #3 New Generation  

In these days, i believe there is a need of good energy, creativity and calm nights. For everyone. This magazine holds the right to come i...

Israeli Art Market- Issue #3 New Generation  

In these days, i believe there is a need of good energy, creativity and calm nights. For everyone. This magazine holds the right to come i...