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Exhibitions in Israel February 2015 #10

2015 BIG SALE CONTINUE! A tribute to Tel-Aviv Group Exhibition



Dafna Navarro is the founder of the following companies: Israeli Art Market The company has three business lines which include: http://israeliartmarket.com which showcases the top Israeli artists in photography, contemporary art and Judaica;

Editor & Founder : Dafna Navarro Dafna was born in Jerusalem in 1975 and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a known figure in the Israeli art world as a lecturer, curator and appraiser of art and collectibles. Dafna has lectured at academies of visual art and design with years of experience working in advertising and media. Her education started at Technion University studying interior design followed by general design studies with the artist Ilana Goor. She later obtained a diploma in curatorial studies and art appraisals. In the beginning of her career she worked as a graphic designer in various multimedia companies such as Ness Technologies, Casdim International Systems, along with several major advertising agencies in Israel. In 1998 she began teaching at the Avni Institute of Art and as a lecturer in visual communication at Bezalel Academy of Art and at Magen the Religious College of Art and Design. Dafna has authored a number of books for Israeli academic institutes including John Bryce College. She also developed course curriculum and content in a number of fields including photography, internet, media and graphic design. She was later involved in the marketing of these courses to various technology companies.



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Photography 2015. February Issue #10 This is the second issue of the 2015 Big sale Exhibition. We present unique art works at a substantial discount. Dozens of artists and hundreds of art works offered for sale at a discount of up to 50%. Safe Buying& Free Shipping World Wide. The Special selling exhibition will continue until the end of February, we add each week new art by famous artist alongside with young artists. (Such as : Menashe Kadishman, Yosl Bergner, Michael Milkin, Yohanan Simon, Moshe Leider, Dror Zecharia , Ora Nissim, Rfi Peretz, Israel Metzger, Oded Feingersh And many more). Group exhibition this month - A tribute to Tel-Aviv - A Showcase of different Technic and style artworks describing the White city Tel Aviv. I wish you pleasant reading and Big enjoyment.

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I wish you pleasant reading and Big enjoyment.

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Ilya Gefter | Alenbi Oil on canvas, 60X80 cm

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 8/ Carolina Karpati Solo exhibition 16/ Victoria Zlatkin Solo exhibition 22/ EXHIBITIONS IN ISRAEL Rothschild Fine Art Gallery ILYA GEFTER 32/ EXHIBITIONS IN ISRAEL The Zaritzky Artists' House, Tel Aviv Karyn Zamel / Sheine Punim 38/ EXHIBITIONS IN ISRAEL Hezi Cohen Gallery Andreas Golinski / Excavation Dust 42/ EXHIBITIONS IN ISRAEL Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Rock 'N' Black Blowout in the 80s clubs 46/ EXHIBITIONS IN ISRAEL Bernard Gallery TAL SLUTZKER / THEM 50/ ARTEFFECT KUMI YAMASHITA / ROBERT PATRICK PUCKETT 4


66/ RECOMMENDED APP For Artist & Photographers PixelWakker 70/ GROUP EXHIBITION -A tribute to Tel-AvivParticipating Artists: Rafi Peretz / Dan Shiloh Lee Shaul / Lika Ramati Pnina Matalon-Simner Shlomi Asher / Michal Shelly Hagit Argaman 122/ ART ELSEWHERE Adèle Blais 132/2015 New Year's BIG SALE 218/ JUDAICA ART Benny Hershkowitz Bond Of Life - Ofer Shemesh 220/ MUSEUMS IN ISRAEL 224/ PURE BEAUTY Participating Artists: Marita Milkis / Liza Zabarsky Yitzhak Nir / Jacques Sterenberg

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"Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean"

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Carolina Karpati – Power Of Words (Noah’s Choice) Original Art. Ink & Acrylic on Canvas. Signed. 100 x 80 cm

Carolina Karpati

For as long as I can remember, my father loved art. I remember even at a very young age, helping him prepare a Jewish art exposition in a cultural center in Caracas. I also remember my home full of oil paintings of diverse styles, as well as art books and encyclopedias that my father enjoyed reading and looking at. He possessed a magazine collection featuring famous artists



and their works (Rembrandt, Dali, Monet, Caravaggio, Velazquez, among others that I remember). I go back in time and I see myself observing and delighting myself with these masterpieces, as well as asking my father about them. In a time where I was around 16 years old, my father bought two paintings from an art salesman. Suspecting that they could be from

a well known venetian from the 17th century, he was investigating and observing them for a couple of years. This made him feel alive from the little enjoyment he allowed himself, besides working very hard to give his children (three including me) a quality education. Thanks to my father, I was surrounded by art, as well as my own enthusiasm to draw and paint from a very young age. I vividly remember having drawn our home's living room, in a detailed manner only being 8 or 9 years of age. As well as painting porcelain pieces (generally plates) with Matos the artist, with my brother and other students who were older than me. Art has been my passion from a young age, and I believe it marked me in a very special way when I took pride in carrying a small painting in my hands, to its destination 500 meters away (we were moving) when I was 4 years old. I remember this in a very particular way... I felt very proud I could do it and to have it reach its new destination safely. I come from a Jewish family, Eskenazi, whose polish branch and origins was a victim of World War I. The other Hungarian branch was a victim of both World War I and II. I was born in Venezuela, a South American that absorbed my polish maternal grandparents and 4 out of 6 of their children (my mother among them), as well as my father, a survivor of World War II. He and his brother were the only ones who were able to escape from such a terrible time in history. According to my origins I am Venezuelan, daughter of a Jewish Hungarian survivor (Vilmos Karpati -Klein-), and of a Jewish Colombian mother (Shirly Sztajnworc). Being sons of survivors they have had a very particular life. I would define two distinct categories in this group: the first being of those who were able to live with the pain but have also surpassed their fears, exteriorizing in some way what has martyred them for a long time, and the second, those who Carolina Karpati – Fiddler On The Roof Original Art. Ink & Acrylic on Canvas. Signed. 50 x 200 cm

http://israeliartmarket.com 9

The Heart's Path (2005) Brass Cast Carolina Karpati – The Rabbi Width: 23 Original Art.cm Ink & Acrylic on Canvas. Signed. 80 x 100 cm Height: 79 cm 10 http://israeliartmarket.com

lived with pain and fear and carried that until the day they died. There is a marked difference between the two when we refer to the affectation of the families and their descent (couples and children). On one side those who exteriorize the pain, the fear and the frustration, are able to fortify themselves and carry on in a positive, enriching and constructive way. However those who keep their feelings to themselves drag the ones around them down with them, scaring them for life, with that number, which even though wasn't tattooed, will accompany them for the rest of their days. The second was our case. My father ( Z'L) never could express everything that ate him inside. "The man with the sad gaze", was how one of his friends described him when he walked into me, who also related my appearance to my father's. My childhood was not easy, nor was it all happiness. Perhaps because of it in my youth and adulthood I opted for my happiness, or at least to get as close to it as possible. Through art I feel that somehow my emotions are restored, in light of the enjoyment of what is beautiful and significant to me. The act of exposing my sentiments and ideas in a completely transparent fashion, gives me the opportunity to transmit the course of my life before my eyes, showing that

we are susceptible to changes and rectifications. In a definitive way, our conduct and human complexities profoundly affect those around us, with artistic expression being part of that transmission. To define myself as a person, I would have to first explain what I consider would be a correct description of my essence. Many automatically define themselves as described by their profession (very limited in my point of view). Others do it according to the things they like (which I don't think is the condition of being). I consider that for one to define themselves a complex conjunction of variables is needed, including the aforementioned and other determinant and relevant ones, that have define your persona as an integral being: origin, values, beliefs, passions. My personal values define me in a pronounced http://israeliartmarket.com 11

way. Principles such as respect to human dignity, respect to animals and nature, tolerance, responsibility, justice (considering this term to be giving each what they really need), affect my life. I believe that generosity, transparency and humility are invaluable and those who carry themselves this way, have in me a high level of respect and trust. I believe that art is capable of expressing some of these values in an implicit way, and the sensation of empathy and enjoyment could demonstrate it. The passion I feel for artistic expression, for innovation and the unlimited human creative capacity, fills me with concerns and satisfactions. Giving life to new ideas and executing these generate cheer and hope in me. Through art I try to demonstrate that life can be a path of enjoyment if you are capable of appreciating the beauty around you. In the same manner, the marvelous colors that nature gifts us, and how 12 http://israeliartmarket.com Angel (2005)

throughout history humanity has experimented and benefited from for its own creations, are valuable proof of the resource at our disposal. My art is an expression of my own reality, as well as the internalization of human behavior and its interaction with nature. I feel my art is unique because it wants to transmit the fullness, happiness and color which could characterize life, occasionally even in a humorous way. I conceive the need to pronounce myself and explore new tendencies, designs, combinations of styles, and materials that help me recreate a new vision of contemporary art. In this manner, I see it as the possible opening of emotions for the spectator in many interesting and positive ways, giving them the chance to contact the imagination of their inner child. I use materials that facilitate

Carolina Karpati – Lights For The Spirit Original Art. Ink & Acrylic on Canvas. Signed. 80 x 100 cm

http://israeliartmarket.com 13

in a given moment, the expression of my personal ideas and feelings. I generally draw on the canvas, and other times I simply improvise and let myself be taken away, without any pattern or previously established structure. Anything could come from it.. I consider my art to be eclectic, where my inspiration flows through different movements and artists of my admiration. It allows me to recreate my own style jointly with the figurative, pop, naif, folk-combining colors, trends, styles and materials, allowing whoever presence it, personal fantasies and illusions. My latest creation was strongly

motivated by my view of Israel as a new immigrant from Latin America, as a result of four years of experiences in the country. I am currently working on a new series of works that explore the nature of life such as human contact with mother nature and the animals in their habitats. Being a lover of nature and animals, I fervently believe that the simplest things in life before our very eyes, are the biggest and most important, which we sometimes do not perceive because in a certain way we lose the capability to observe our surroundings and enjoy the small gifts we have received and ignored.

Carolina Karpati – Bar Mitzvah Boy Original Art. Ink & Acrylic on Canvas. Signed. 100 x 80 cm

Dance of Life (2005) Brass Cast Width: 11 cm Height: 52 cm 14 http://israeliartmarket.com

Carolina Karpati – Ethiopians Kids In Jerusalem Original Art. Ink & Acrylic on Canvas. Signed. 80 x 100 cm http://israeliartmarket.com 15

‫‏‬‪Sketches‬ Victoria Zlatkin "One day, an unusual smile caught me on a photo of one of the Korean actors. That smile was so warm and kind, that I had an overwhelming desire to somehow be a part of it. My hand reached out for a pencil almost by itself."

16 http://israeliartmarket.com

Polyptych "Dialog"足6 pieces, each one 50x70/black paper/white pencil足6.'14

My name is Victoria Zlatkin. I made aliya from Ukraine in 1992. My career path began as an elementary school teacher in the Ukraine. Soon after arriving in Israel, I made a significant professional change and studied in Michlelet Emunah for Graphic Design. I have been working as a graphic designer the past seventeen years.

the internet. Fandom is an informal community united by a common interest relating to certain genres of art, movies, books, cartoons, anime, music, computer games, etc. Fan art - is a free imaginative form of selfexpression for people of all ages from all over the world. Fan art provided me the ability to "play" interactively with my favorite characters by my About 6 years ago I began drawing own rules. as part of a 'fandom' fan art group on http://israeliartmarket.com 17

I was originally fascinated by Asian cinema and contemporary music. I was entranced by the visual and cultural differences from the Ukraine or Israel.

of all my drawings is to convey the emotion of the subject. I look for reference material in order to capture the 'moment' of the emotion I want to draw.

Over time, my drawings have overcome the boundaries of the Internet and attracted the attention of the viewer in real life. It was often suggested to me to present an exhibition of my drawings. Over the past three years I have exhibited my work in various local and national exhibitions.

Now I also draw portraits of people around me: the family or friends. My drawing technique is realistic. Most of my drawings are done by black (8B) pencil or colored pencils (watercolor pencils). I have done part of my drawings in white pencil on black paper - my desire was to draw light - not shadow.

My drawings are portraits of contemporary, popular actors, Currently, I am studying the musicians, singers, models as real Japanese painting technique 'Sumi-e' and/or fictional images. The point independently. 18 http://israeliartmarket.com

"Shades of the shattered dreams" (from series)足black pencil/21x29.7足3.'14 Left: "A reminiscence"足black paper/white pencil/30x44.5足9.'13 http://israeliartmarket.com 19

Triptych "1582"­29x39.5­50x70­29x39.5/colored watercolor pencils­11.'12

"Worry"­black pencil/50x70­12.'14 20 http://israeliartmarket.com

"Green shirt"足green canson paper/colored watercolor pencils/50x65足12.'12 http://israeliartmarket.com 21



22 http://israeliartmarket.com


Ilya Gefter | Street in Jaffa Oil on canvas, 60X80 cm

​​​ Ilya Gefter is a skilled representational artist who uses oil paints or inks to convey poignant and deeply personal experiences of place. In each image, Gefter negotiates a delicate balance between subjectivity or intuition and observation. His paintings, he writes, “are always born somewhere between the Experience and the Ideal.” http://israeliartmarket.com 23

Ilya Gefter | Alenbi Oil on canvas, 60X80 cm 24 http://israeliartmarket.com


http://israeliartmarket.com 25

Ilya Gefter | Alenbi Oil on canvas, 60X80 cm

ILYA GEFTER Born in St. Petersburg, Russia 1980 Lived and studied in Canada and the USA 1994-2003 Lives and works in Israel since 2004 Education: 2004 Jerusalem Studio School; Jerusalem, Israel 1999 - 2003 Maryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore, USA. BFA Summa cum Laude 2001 Studio Art Centers International; Florence, Italy 1999 York University; Toronto, Canada 26 http://israeliartmarket.com


Ilya Gefter | Salame Oil on canvas, 60X80 cm

Solo Exhibitions: 2015 “The City: Paintings and Ink Washes” Rothschild Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2014 “Works on Paper” Charlotte Hale & Associates, Toronto, Canada 2014 “Residence Permit” Savina Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia 2013 “Paintings” Rothschild Fine Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (two-person show) 2013 “Lights” Bernard Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2011 "Spaces and Figures" Julie M Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2008 “Ilya Gefter: Paintings” Golconda Fine Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2007 “In Contrast” Leonardo Gallery, Toronto, Canada (two-person show) 2006 “Old World New World” Leonardo Gallery, Toronto, Canada (twoperson show) 2002 “Works on Paper” Maryland Institute; Baltimore, USA 2002 “A Year in Italy” Veni Vidi Gallery; Port Perry, Canada 2001 “Encore” Veni Vidi Gallery; Port Perry, Canada 2000 “Works Thus Far” Veni Vidi Gallery; Port Perry, Canada http://israeliartmarket.com 27


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Israeli art market #10 - A tribute to Tel-Aviv -  

2015. February Issue #10 This is the second issue of the 2015 Big sale Exhibition. We present unique art works at a substantial discount. Do...

Israeli art market #10 - A tribute to Tel-Aviv -  

2015. February Issue #10 This is the second issue of the 2015 Big sale Exhibition. We present unique art works at a substantial discount. Do...