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The Attractive Features Regarding Stone Veneers Can you relate to this? You would like to incorporate stone into the design of the home or office since you love the appearance of stone, which is possible without tearing down the existing walls. While you may feel like it is way too late to get that wonderful natural stone look, never despair. It might not require a complete rebuild as the stone veneer is an excellent option for remodels, rebuilds or new additions. Perhaps your building has a more technical architectural design--no problem. For existing commercial buildings as well as residences, the new gluing system works out wonderfully. Using this type of process, a thin layer of stone can be applied to a number of different frames, such as metal stud, concrete block, foam block, and wood. This method has been used for approximately 10 years and has been found to be very reliable. Without all the annoyance of complete reconstruction and coupled with the options for easy to install panels, stone veneers can provide a sophisticated appearance with minimal work. Picking out a thin stone veneer as an exterior facade has lots of advantages. Since it is designed to be ventilated, there are fewer difficulties with heating, cooling and moisture. It will take fewer materials as stone veneer is only about 2 cm thick, and it can be used on restoration projects or new construction. You can also decide on various coatings on the veneer. A brushed texture is just one surface finish you will be able to choose among. They can also generate smoother, rock face and sandblast finishes depending on the stone you are using. Myth: The Costs Are Too High Has the idea of high costs been holding you back? Don't worry as this really should not be an issue. The price of real stone rival those of synthetic veneer products. Not only can it be used for walls inside or outside, the benefits to using natural stone include beauty, durability, cost factors and they can be used for a variety of items including fountains, staircases, sinks and a whole lot more. Other rewards include the need for less transportation, as it occupies less space and is lighter weight than cut stone and other standard building products. It can also be installed faster and easier, as again, you do not have the additional weight to deal with. Installation Made Easy With even a basic experience in masonry, the installation is easy to do. Easy installation, light in weight, low maintenance, long durability--these are all qualities of a product that decades from now will still have a beautiful finish. It will provide years of visual pleasure to those individuals who live or work around the end product. If you are a regular handyman, easy step-by-step instructions can be easily obtained to help you through your task successfully. If you do not wish to install the veneer all by yourself, there are lots of knowledgeable builders who know the ins and outs of dealing with stone veneer. Look at the various testimonials you can find on the internet to read about the experiences of others and find out for yourself just how simple and satisfying it can be to incorporate stone in your Pierrexpert

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The Attractive Features Regarding Stone Veneers home or office. Placing natural stone veneer on the exterior of your home is the perfect way to add class and beauty. More details on Pierrexpert are obtainable at the company's web site,

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The Attractive Features Regarding Stone Veneers  

Placing natural stone veneer on the exterior of your home is the perfect way to add class and beauty. More details on Pierrexpert are obtain...

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