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6 000 € per year

12 000 € per year

30 000 € per year

Authorized service contacts




Support hours

9 am – 5 pm

9 am – 5 pm

9 am – 5 pm

Blocker: 4 h Critical: 8 h Major: 16 h Minor: 24 h Trivial: 32 h

Blocker: 2 h Critical: 4 h Major: 8 h Minor: 16 h Trivial: 24 h

Blocker: 1 h Critical: 2 h Major: 4 h Minor: 8 h Trivial: 16 h

MAINTENANCE PREMIUM BRONZE 1 year included* Access to the ISR Community New product versions Service desk access

Extended support hours

Response time by priorities

Phone and remote support Annual product trainings Dedicated support engineer On-site support briefing Monthly reporting Support system at ISR Consulting Services

40 hours per year

Support for individual solutions

Component is included in the respective support model. Component is not included in the respective support model, but can be booked or extended upon request. *Software maintenance is included with the purchase of an ISR product for one year and is the prerequisite for the purchase of the premium models.

ISR Support Services English  
ISR Support Services English