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Twitter allows you to easily share ideas and resources, to see what’s happening and to find or create an online community where you can discuss the things you love. HASHTAG Use # to mark keywords or include popular hashtags to join in conversations.

TWEET Share information or tell followers what you’re doing. You can include links, images or videos.

FOLLOW Follow other users to see their Tweets in your Timeline

REPLY Join in the conversation by commenting on a Tweet.

LIKE Let the original poster know that you like their Tweet or save the Tweet for later.

USERNAME (HANDLE) How your name appears on Twitter. Include a @username in a Tweet to mention that user and get their attention.

MESSAGES Send a private message to one or more users.

RETWEET Share a Tweet with your followers – you can quote it to add your own message.

MOMENTS Follow the biggest stories happening right now.

HOME Go to your Timeline where you can see Tweets from people you follow.

NOTIFICATIONS Check your notifications to see if you have new followers, likes, retweets or replies.

ME Tell users a bit about yourself to encourage them to follow you.

GETTING STARTED Create your account

Add a profile picture

Add a cover picture

Find users to follow

Start sharing ideas

Get CYBERSMART with Twitter  

Quick guide to Twitter basics

Get CYBERSMART with Twitter  

Quick guide to Twitter basics