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A HUGE STEP FORWARD! “New Skills for New Jobs”

How the work is organised:

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Interview with Mr. Giorgio Saio

The INSPIRE Directive brings a revolution in geo-information (GI) and a need of specific skills in public administration and GI stakeholders. What are the main objectives of the project? How will LINKVIT project contribute in practice to be operational in the INSPIRE assignments?

What benefits and/or impacts do you expect LINKVIT project may bring to the economy and to society?

What information do you expect to be available at the end of the project and how will they be accessible? Who do you think will be the main beneficiaries of the products delivered?

What is the INSPIRE directive?

Adaptation of contents and infrastructure


Training Actions and Testing

Analysis and organization of Training Material

Quality Assurance


Dissemination and Exploitation

he main aim of the Dissemination and Exploitation work package, lead by Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), is ensured the best dissemination of the project results. To guarantee this goal several actions will set up, such as develop the website and keep it updated, create a strong network using the most common social channels as well as develop dissemination material (brochure, flyer, poster , newsletter, press release, and etc.), able to explain in details the benefits of the project. Several events and workshops will be also oraganised to shown the major results achieved by the project. The communication will be address both to national and international level, all the materials will be available in English and Italian language. To be sure that the dissemination actions are

homogenously this WP will provide to all the partners some guidelines for the communication strategy in their respective countries, in order to identify the potential level of demand for LINKVIT products and the costs linked to project sustainability in that country. Moreover the work package will promote and exploit the project in some specific events organising workshop that showing training material and how use it.

The Dissemination Plan will be defined in agreement with all partners, in order to propose a common identity for the presentation and dissemination of the project results and to identify common task where address the add value of training material produced by the project; a permanent updating activity will be leaded along the entire duration of the project.

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Linkvit newsletter 01