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Workers Solidarity Committee Decides to Mobilize Landhi Workers on J&M Struggle June 29, 2010: A meeting of the Workers Solidarity Committee (Mazdoor Yakjehti Committee was held at Hussaini Chowrangi Landhi industrial area to discuss measures for solidarity with workers of J&M Garments who are protesting against bad food in canteen, Rangers attack on protesting workers and sackings of 18 activists from the factory. Details of the struggle are here and details of a recent protest at Karachi Press Club are here. The Workers Solidarity Committee meeting was attended by a number of workers from Gul Ahmed Textiles, Alkaram Textiles, J&M Garments and a number of activists in Landhi and members of International Socialists Karachi. The workers from J&M textiles were most vocal and were very angry at the delaying tactics by the J&M management in accepting demands and its attempts to divide workers on ethnic lines. They also expressed their anger at the attacks by Rangers and vowed to defend each and every worker. Workers expressed their frustration on the attempts by the ruling party coalition partner and Pushtoon nationalists ANP and the ruling party PPP to sell workers struggle. They were also furious at the attempts of the J&M management which is avoiding direct talks with workers and using the ANP and PPP as a proxy. Many workers showed resentment at the role played by the ANP and PPP and were angry that these parties get votes from workers and after coming to power side with the bosses. The meeting discussed the recent situation and it was felt that the struggle need to be publicized to draw solidarity from others workers in Export Processing Zone and Landhi Industrial Area. Two committees were formed to coordinate efforts with other factory workers and to create awareness about the J&M struggle.

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Workers Solidarity KarachiMeeting June 29 2010