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Qadir Magsi says “Karachi is not a mini Pakistan." By Sartaj Khan, January 23, 2010 Qadir Magsi says “Karachi is not a mini Pakistan. People migrated from other provinces will have to leave.” This is the manifestations of two important developments. First, the failure of liberal-left to stand up against the discriminations and vilifications of people took refuge in Sindh due to army operations in the NWFP and Fata. Liberal-left is confused on the nature of war and some times support the war. Rallies are being organized by NGOs with huge money from western states and war mongers in the name of so-called “civil society”. It is obvious, that some sections provided support for new wave of army operations in Swat and Waziristan. It is very different from the early stage of operations in Swat and Bajour when demonstrations were organized against the army operations. As the economic crisis is engulfing the country, people in large numbers are migrating to Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. The rural areas are already in turmoil. Rural poor of lower middle classes from Sindh are coming to Karachi. The employment opportunities are limited here in cities. A drive against the “others” can be observed on country level. The Afghans have been haunted down in every place even in the NWFP for two years. In Dir district of NWFP, lashkars were organized against the Afghans in the name of “terrorists” with help of authorities by influential merchants and traders (in Pashto all such influential are referred as “ELDERS” so don’t confuse it with literal meanings) irrespective of their Political affiliations even Jamaat Islami provided support for such drives. It was followed by not only in other districts of NWFP but also by traders and merchants in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and every small city of Sindh. It shows the limitations of Islamism and Pashtun nationalism on one hand and the reality of a class interest and unity on the other hand. Traders and merchants from all parties join hands in their own interest against the Afghans traders and shopkeepers all over the country. It has provided an opportunity to the nationalists in Sindh to mobilize petty bourgeoisie, unemployed and lumpens against the “others”- the outsiders. But it is too weak to challenge the powerful... Even most of the Sindhi Nationalist now accepted the MQM as a reality. Instead they are targeting the poorest of the poor: the Pahstuns. It is easy to beaten up, arrest and even kills a Pahstun for nothing. Who cares? Pashtuns are vulnerable b/c US imperialism and 24 allies, the government of Pakistan and its army, Pashtun Nationalist especially ANP, MQM, Sindhi nationalists are dealing with them in their own ways. Second, the liberal-left sided the very state, army and police, they opposed in recent past. The corrupt and inefficient government is now being supported in the name of “democracy.” The army operation in Malakand was supported. Consequently 3.5 million were displaced b/w Zardari wanted to teach a lesson to the people of Swat! Recently Sindhi nationalists came out to rescue the government of Zardari. Sindhi petty bourgeoisie were able to mobalize hundreds of thousands in the name Sindhi Topi and Ajrak! It shows sheer weakness of the nationalism: inability to challenge the state. The drive was so powerful that some leftist parties also joined it. But this was not surprising as they had supported the strike took place against the Pastuns. It is a great blow to the unity of the working class and people in the country. The confusion on imperialism and war resulted in the inability of mobilization against ethnic discriminations. Consequences of supporting a state and its military operations are quite clear. The left have to come out against such drives.

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Qadir Magsi says  

As the economic crisis is engulfing the country, people in large numbers are migrating to Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. The rural areas ar...