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Marxism Day Karachi Jan 23 -- the largest IS Day School ever! by InternationalSocialists Pakistan on Friday, January 28, 2011 at 2:26pm Marxism Day School Jan 23 at Karachi was a massive success for Intl Socialists (Pakistan). 108 people attended, nearly 80percent students. By Jan 22, 92 people had booked for the school which was showing the immense interest due to the volatile political situation and defeats of the ruling class in forcing the population to pay for the crisis as well as its attacks on even greater section of population. Many young girl students, nationalists, liberationists, manual workers, service workers, intellectuals, writers came to attend. Comrades and contacts from Loralai, Quetta, Chaman, Hyderabad, Larkana, Tandojam, Thatta, Darro, Faislabad, Jaranwala, Lahore came to Karachi for the one day event. Nine people joined Intl Socialists including social science university, science university, engineering university students and professionals including journalists, accountants. We sold Rs 4400 worth of literature including 55 Socialist (Urdu) and over 300 small publications of Intl Socialists. (Details of the debates and discussion will appear separately.) This was the largest and most diverse Marxism Day School ISPak has organised in Karachi. It took comrades in Karachi well over 80 days of hard work in publicizing and booking for the event including visits and distribution of publicity leaflets at varsities, colleges, workplaces, programs of other left groups and struggles of workers. Regarding Income: we collected 35 percent from fund raising, 40 percent from the school registration fee of Rs 100/person and the remaining 25 percent from ISPak's ketty. Regarding Expenses: we paid 20percent as contribution to travel fares, 40percent on food, 15percent on publicity, 15percent on hall/decoration/miscellaneous. As a result of the successful Day School, IS is now going to spread even more. There will be a day-school in Loralai Balochistan on Feb 20 where comrades in Loralai and Quetta intend to gather contacts from southern Pukhtoonkhawa. Another day school will be held in Lahore in mid-March where comrades in Lahore/Faisalabad intend to gather contacts around Lahore and Khanewal. There will be a day-school in south Sindh in Thatta by end-March and another in Hyderabad in April 2011. Thank you comrades for your enthusiasm and energy, particularly the organisation we displayed at the day school. As revolutions spread from Tunis to Saudi Arabia we all know these are historical times, moments we see rarely and that means we have to put everything into building for a strong, large and intellectually broad ISPakistan by taking part in the forthcoming revolution and spreading it far and wide. Seize the moment!

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Marxism Day School Jan 2011 Karachi  

report on day school (short)

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