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Waves of Peoples Power -- Failure of Neo-Liberal version of Capitalist Economics across the Middle East by Asim Jaan on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 1:38pm

Famous historian, David Thomson, is the author of 'Europe since Napolean'. He has used the metaphor of 'waves' to define series of changes spreading across countries of Europe throughout its History. In 1789, these revolutionary changes started from France and then spread across Europe. Similar situations occurred in 1830, 1848, after both First and Second World Wars.

A wave of anti-colonial struggles coarsed through most colonized countries of Asia and Africa after second world war.

The second decade of 21st century is showing that people of the Middle East have given the world another wave of revolutionary fervor and outburst of the eternal human desire for freedom, for power to define their own destiny, and to tear down the enslaving structures of captialism.

Since the last 30 years, Neo Liberal economic agenda, under the able guidance of western ruling class and its ideologue - IMF/WB, had been followed in most Arab countries involved in the current upsurge. This has been coupled with authoritarian forms of State systems that have, with western ruling class support and nod, usurped all civil liberties and crushed all public elected institutions. Resultantly, rich-poor gap had tremendously increased with the majority in Egypt & Tunisia living on 2-3 dollars a day, while a fat cat layer of businessmen ( bankers, housing & land speculators, brokers, stockists), military generals, party officios had joined the ranks of billionairs.

Hence this show of people power is, primarily, the total failure of Neo-Liberal capitalist Economics in providing any solution to society's needs.

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People Power and NeoLiberalism  

in Middle East

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